Tuesday, December 30, 2014

30 Dec 2014

Dear Family and friends,

This last week was a blast! On Tuesday we had an all day mission conference. We had a "not so talent" show,  Then we got to watch Meet the Mormons.  On Wednesday we got a visit from L. Whitney Clayton. He and has wife spoke to us for a while.  It was Great!  On Christmas we got to sleep in until 7:30, but I still woke up at 6:30 and never fell back asleep.  We went to the frat house and opened up our presents with the zone leaders and another set of missionaries. We then played sports with our zone and then we had a snow ball fight. There was a lot of face washes, The sisters especially got a lot of them. 

On Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Robinson. I went to his area and I got to go to the frat house for a night. We were messing around and were trying to slide on the ice and we both fell over. Yesterday we put a man named Juan on date.  I'm not sure if his wife will let him get baptized though.

I agree with Josh. Not only would I not be surprised if Pres. Moffat was sitting in one of those "red chairs" during the next October conference, I expect it. He might be strict and sometimes scary, but I know I'm really lucky to have him.

Well that's all for this week, 

Love,  Elder Pleshek

Thursday, December 25, 2014

24 Dec 2014

Good day. 
So nothing really happened this week until yesterday. We had an all day mission conference. We had a "not so talent show." It was fun. We also took a mission picture and this morning we had another mission conference. We were visited by L Whitney Clayton. It was sweet.  Tomorrow I will be Face Timing at 2:00pm my time, so 3:00 in Wisconsin.  I will tell you the big news tomorrow. Well that's all for today.
Love you.  Bye.

The big news is that on July 1st, the Utah Salt Lake City Mission will be dissolved.  These missionaries will be swallowed up into the present Salt Lake City Missions. 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Dec 2014

This week with Elder Christensen has had it's ups and downs.  I have never worked so hard to find people before. We have contacted a bunch of the former and potential investigators. When I was in Midvale, people would just pop out of nowhere. Our area has been dead the last couple of weeks. I like Elder Christensen, but he likes everything clean all the time.  Other than that he is a great guy.
Ever since he has been here I have been a lot more confident when it comes to talking to people on the street. On our first day together we knocked on this Catholic guy's door. He came out and walked right in between us and told us to follow him. He took us to his front yard where there was a statue of the virgin Mary. He tried to make us get on our knees and pray to it. Then he got on his knees and started to pray. He started praying that we would convert "to the true religion of Catholic." After about two minutes into his prayer we walked away. He kept praying for another 5 min. after we left. So that was our adventure of the week. On another note a brother in one of my wards told me I could us his Ipad to Facetime on Christmas if I wanted to. Well that's all for this week.


Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

9 Dec 2014

Dear People of the world,

Transfers are tomorrow. My new companion will be Elder Christiansen; he is from Washington. He actually came out of the MTC with me. Once again, I will be a district leader's companion, which isn't that bad because you don't get blamed for anything. Elder Christiansen is a new district leader and he already told me he is going to need my help. I am staying in my area, so at the end of next transfer I will have been in this area for 4 and a half months. We only have one investigator left, and he is really hard to meet with, so we will be doing alot of finding in the next couple of weeks. Since Elder Christiansen is new to my area that means I will have to lead my area for the next couple of weeks. I've already got a couple of offers from members to come and skype at there house on Christmas.
The other day Elder Mason and I didn't have dinner scheduled so we went to a member who had told us if we didn't have dinner that he would feed us. So we went to his house and he fed us burgers and we used waffles instead of buns. So I ate mine with cheese, syrup, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and A1 steak sauce. It was really good. The work has been slow here for the past couple of weeks, but me and Elder Christiansen will pick it up. That's all for this week.

Can you send me my sd card?
Elder Pleshek

Friday, December 5, 2014

2 Dec 2014

On Thursday I went on a "Beat the President" fun run. I didn't run, I walked with a few of my buddies. Then when we got back home we started raking leaves for our landlords. They stopped us half way and invited us to dinner with them and their family. Then on Friday Elder Mason and I were riding our bikes to a member's house and a little white dog ran out in front of me and I slammed on my brakes. I then flew over my handle bars and landed on my left side. I have a small bruise on my hand and my left hip, shoulder, and elbow are a little sore. Surprisingly my suit was fine. I was about 8 inches away from hitting that dog. So that was pretty much my week this week.

Love Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25 Nov 2014

This week was good. We put one of our investigators on date for Dec. 6th.  On Saturday night I heard a knock on my door. I thought it was President Moffat so my heart started racing because our apartment wasn't as clean as it should have been. So Elder Mason opened the door and I was in the other room but I didn't hear president Moffat's voice. I heard a more familiar voice. So I went into the kitchen to see who it was, and it was Josh Weier. I was shocked. We said hi to each other, he gave my bag to Elder Mason, then he left. It was crazy. 

 I'm not sure who we are eating with yet on Thanksgiving. We have gotten a few offers, but we are not sure yet.Transfers are coming up on Dec. 10th. I don't think I told you this yet, but I'm  living with an older couple named John and Gwen Smith.  John is Hyrum Smith's great grandson they are some cool people. well that's this week.

Elder Pleshek

Thursday, November 20, 2014

18 Nov 2014

Not a lot happened this week. On Wednesday I got a flu shot. I didn't like that very much. I did better than a lot of sisters tho. However I did hold Elder Mason's hand. I hate shots. Then a few days later we had to ride our bikes across the mission because we didn't send in our baptismal record in on time so we had to deliver it personally. It took us about 30 minutes to bike there. On Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Fike. I got to go into his area and stay at the frat house. Its called the frat house because its the only apartment in the mission where two companionships stay. So that's what happened this week. Have a great day.

If your scriptures have tabs I'll take them.
Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 Nov 2014

Dear Everyone,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Nov 2014

Dear Readers,

This week was an eventful one. On Halloween night I got to dress up like a missionary and go to the Jordan River temple. It was fun. I got to see lots of my friends. I love when Elder Forrester, Brogan, and I get together. We always have so much fun and we take turns teaming up and insulting each other. Two of my investigators are getting baptized on Saturday. That's great, but there goes all of our investigators so this week we have done a lot of tracting. I HATE TRACTING >:(  But we need new people to teach.
It was in the 40s yesterday. My companion was wearing 3 jackets and I just had my suit jacket on. I'm sad it didn't snow by me on Sunday like it was supposed too. I'm really looking forward to snow.  I got a pair of boots last week so I am all prepared. Well that's it.

There should be a stuffed bear on my dresser.  Could you send me that for Christmas?  We like to role play on stuffed animals and I kind of want that bear.  Could you also send me my long sleeved Duke basketball shirt? 
Love you
Elder Pleshek


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

28 Oct 2014

So this week Elder Mason and I put two people on date for the 8th of November. That's all I'm allowed to tell you. Transfers are tomorrow. Last night I found out that Elder Mason and I are staying together. I kind of wanted to get transferred, because I don't really have any great relationships with any of the members.  At least not like I did in my last area, but I'm also kind of glad I'm staying. I'm getting a new zone leader who happens to be one of my good friends. It's Elder Forrester which was a big shock to everyone because he came out of the MTC with me.
This week we had a mission meeting. At the end of it they had the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. Elder Lefler was one of the missionaries going home. When he gave his testimony I started to cry. I'm really going to miss him. (My father is dead).  I was talking to my zone leader Elder Simmons, who was an AP. He said we probably won't get ipads until President Moffat leaves.
My area is also getting split, so sisters are taking over half of our stake. We cover all of the wards on the far sides of the stake and they take the three wards that meet at the stake center. So they took all of the flat part of our area and we have all of the big hills. (Yay). So that was my week. 


Elder Pleshek

Also I need contacts asap. I have like 2 spares left.  Could you also get me a yearbook so I have one when i get home?  Thanks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 Oct 2014

Dear People,

My birthday was just like any other day, just more presents. Was I suppose to get a cake?  I just saw a bag of food and balloons. Who is Annie Dunoskivic?  Is that one of Sammi's old missionary companions?  
My week was good. On Tuesday Elder Don Ray Clarke from the First Quorum of the Seventy came to visit us. He talked to us for a couple of hours.  Then after it was over he asked President Moffat to pick four random missionaries for him to interview.  I was one of the missionaries that got picked.  It was amazing!  I've never been so pumped up for missionary work before. Its not every day you get interviewed by a general authority!
On another note, today while I was riding my bike I almost T-boned someone.
So some things I would like for Christmas are space bags and a small Book of Mormon and Bible. Those big ones get heavy. Space bags would make transfers a lot easier.  Have a great week.

Elder Pleshek

Monday, October 13, 2014

13 Oct 2014

Dear Family, 

This week the work has been slow and both of our on-date investigators fell off because they won't come to church. They always tell us they will come, but they never do. It's really frustrating. Yesterday I gave a talk in one of the wards we cover. It was about missionary work. Who knew? The work here is starting to slow down in this area. I really hope it picks up soon. Yesterday was a nice cool 55 degrees. I loved it. I was riding my bike around with my short sleeve shirt and then you have Elder Mason from Arizona who is wearing a winter coat. People thought I was crazy, but I told them I was enjoying the nice warm weather. The leaves are just starting to change colors here. I figure Utah is about a month behind Wisconsin. I went on an exchange with Elder Fike this week. He is a fun kid. His brother served by the Oneida reservation. Well thats it.

Elder Pleshek

P.S. Mom I didn't get my package yet, and if the Honda Hawk isn't claimed yet, is there a chance you could save that for me because I think that's a great thing to remember Papa by.  Love you Mom. Bye.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 Oct 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was good. On Friday, President Moffat came to our companionship study. He chastised us because our apartment was dirty. However, after we cleaned up he was in a much better mood. He was there to test Elder Mason on the baptismal interview questions. So after we got done with that Elder Mason looked at me and said "I hope you paid attention because your going to be a district leader soon." Then President Moffat looked at me and said, "Yes." So I'm a little concerned what next transfer brings. Then on Saturday morning we got to take a less active man to the conference center. We sat 5 rows back on the left side of the stand. Those are the best seats I've ever had. My favorite talk was the one David A. Bednar gave. Missionary work makes you tired. I've never slept so much during conference. I was so pumped to listen to Elder Holland, but 2 minutes into his talk I fell asleep. Well I love you guys. 

Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

30 Sep 2014

Dear People, 

This was an interesting week. I had an anti come up to us and start yelling at us. We pretended to listen and then we told him to have a nice day then we rode away. Then on Saturday I had a baptism. Then on Saturday night I woke up and didn't feel so good so I went to the bathroom and threw up like six times.  On Sunday I went to church and helped confirm that newly baptized member. Then I went to the sixth ward sacrament meeting. I think God is testing me because there's this girl that always smiles at me. It really bothers me sometimes, but its nothing I can't handle. Then yesterday I gave my first sealing for a blessing. Iwas so nervous. 

I was kind of sad when I read that Bonny got the Saab. Oh well I guess I'll just have to buy one when I get home, but I won't dwell on that because I still got a little over a year left. When people ask me how long I've been out I tell them a little under a year. The missionaries here are supposed to say a little under a year or a little over a year. I'm now starting to realize how short these two years will be. When I had my interview with President Moffat he committed me to stop being home sick. So I guess I have no choice now.
Love you all.

Elder Pleshek

Thursday, September 25, 2014

23 Sep 2014

Dear People,

This transfer has been getting better after a rocky start. Me and Elder Mason have four people on date for baptism. One of them is on Saturday. We also have one scheduled for my birthday. I hope we can keep them all on date. I don't like this new area as much as Midvale. Its a lot more confusing. There are so many dead end roads it just confuses me. Me and Elder Mason are getting along fine, but I find him kind of weird which isn't that big of a deal. I was talking to my zone leader and he told me that your second companion is usually the hardest. Then he gave me his picture album of his family and took mine and said, "Lets trade for a week." I think its some kind of trick to not make me homesick. So, I guess I'll give it a shot. On Sunday I went to our stake center to watch the Ogden temple dedication. I loved it! It was so cool and I loved listening to Elder Holland talk. Its a little weird to not see him so firey. I'm starting to feel better about this transfer, but for some reason I want it to just fly by. I also don't know why, but President Moffat keeps putting me with district leaders. maybe he's trying to tell me some thing?
Elder Pleshek

P.S. Mom you don't have to send me a picture album I found on. but could you send me some more stamps thx.

And yes I got the Roe's package and I ate all of it in 2 days mmmmmm.

Can you send me Evan's email address?

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Sep 2014

Dear people

I wish I could be there for Papa's funeral, but I'm needed here. I was really sad when President Moffat called me. I almost cried, but I resisted. However, I was only sad for a moment because I know he's riding through heaven on his Goldwing with Nana on the back. It made me overjoyed and that made me want to cry more, but I'm to macho to cry so I resisted the urge to cry.

So by the way, I got transferred to the Taylorsville Valley Park Stake. My new companion's name is Elder Mason. I've never met him before and I don't know what he looks like. I got transferred because Elder Lefler got called to be a trainer again so I'm going to have a little brother. So I leave tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous, but I've already done this once so I think I can handle it. My friend Elder Forrester who came out of the MTC with me just got called to be a District Leader after six weeks in the field so that's like a first ever in any mission in the world. I also street contacted some by myself yesterday except for getting the guys address. Elder Lefler did that. Well thats all I got.

Miss you guys

Elder Pleshek

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Handwritten letter of Sep 13, 2014

Dear Mom,
I love you.  Tell Dad I appreciate all of the letters and tell him and Tom and Papa and Sammi and Jeff and Evie and Erin and Clare and Clint and Cami and Adam and Brock and the one that's in Clare's belly I love them.

Please give these two letters to the Roe girls and please send me the addresses of Sydney and the Roes.  Could you go on my Facebook and go to my "This is the Law" page and look on the history for the addresses of Spencer, Will and Nicholas?  Thanks.

For my birthday could you include Reeces in my box with other kind of candy.  I'm on a tight budget and I can't afford that stuff.  Thank you and I love you. Bye.

Elder Pleshek

My Facebook password in *%#)^$(^*# if you didn't remember.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9 Sep 2014

Dear people,

Mom make sure to email me next Monday because my p day is on Monday next week. We are going to Ensign peak next Tuesday as a mission so I get to see some of my MTC buddies. Also tomorrow I get to watch the Ogden temple dedication at the mission office, so I still need to get a white handkerchief today. The rack on my bike broke. I guess it couldn't handle me hopping curbs so I need to get a new one. It won't be as nice, but it will do the job. 
The most frustrating part is when your investigates don't come to church. We've got a 10 year old kid named Angel on date for October 18th, so if that actually happens I should have a great birthday. President Moffat is really in need of trainers, so after next transfer president said he is going to make some of the elders in my group trainers. I don't think I'll be ready for that, but who knows how I will turn out after these next 6 weeks. So anyways I don't know if I'll get an ipad because President Moffat doesn't like them. He said he's not getting them until the  church makes him. So if I am getting one I will find out in November. So Mom, make sure i have $400 in my account when November rolls around, thanks.


Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 Sep 2014

Dear People, 

Hey mom, so you get to keep the Hemi and the Saab? I'm sorry to hear about Papa. It's good to hear that Bonny is finally getting a divorce. 

So... my week could have been alot better if people could just come to church. We put two people on date this week, but none of them came to church so they all fell off date. This week I also went on an exchange. Elder McNair came to my area and that is when we put those people on date.

On Sunday we were on our way to set up a teaching appointment and some guy flagged us down. So we stopped and talked to him. This was my first face off with an Anti or "basher".  It was so stupid. All he talked about was Porter Rockwell. So that was interesting. 

I almost got hit by a car yesterday. I was crossing the crosswalk and someone was trying to make a right hand turn into me. Well in other news I gave the first lesson to this F LDS girl. Then I got the joy of calling President Moffat to see what to do in this situation. 

Well anyways, love you guys.

Elder Pleshek


Saturday, August 30, 2014

30 August 2014 letter

Dear Mom and Dad,
I love and miss you guys but I know I'm supposed to be here. Ever since Saturday all I want to do is baptize people and hit people with the Spirit! I still hate street contacting though. I know with the Lord's help I will become the best missionary this world has ever seen.
Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

25 Aug 2014

Dear Whoever reads this,

I'm doing really good. The time is starting to fly by. I can't believe I've been in the field for almost a month. Xavier was baptized on Saturday, and on Sunday I got to stand in the circle when he was getting confirmed. The scary part was after he got baptized because I had to give the interlude talk while Xavier and Elder Lefler were getting changed. Giving the interlude talk was hard enough, but to add on to the pressure President and Sister Moffat showed up.

I've gone on three exchanges in this last week and a half. I went with one of the zone leaders, Elder Neilson. He was pretty cool except he ate my food. Then I went with Elder Oliveros. He is from the Philippines. Then I went with Elder Valdez. He is from Guatemala. He was called English speaking, but President Moffat moved him back to Spanish speaking so his English isn't the best. I went to his area and it was like a day off because I can't speak Spanish, so i would just sit there and smile. He's a really fun guy though.

The teaching is about to pick up. We scheduled 4 nonmember appointments yesterday. We found a golden investigater named Mark. He believed the first vision and he seemed interested. But we found out at the end of the lesson that he was moving out of our mission in two days so that sucks. I also gave some guy named Charles a blessing the other day. My companion got a text from President Moffat last night since he's the district leader. It said our district should have 10 new people on date for baptism by Sunday so we have alot of inviting to do.

I didn't think people would be so rude in Utah. I get sworn at on a regular basis. Sometimes its hard to figure out if someone is waving at you or flipping you off. Some of the things I remember getting yelled at me are "the devil loves you," and "hail Satan." I don't let it bother me because it's funny and I realize I am a representative of the Savior, so what there doing is yelling at the Savior which is not a very good idea. On a happier note I've gained 7 pounds. Maybe its because I have started eating peanut butter with a spoon.

Love you guys

Elder Pleshek

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ask the missionaries...

Dear Mom & Dad
I'm sorry to hear about Papa.  I've been praying for him every night.  However, I imagine it will be a joyous reunion between Papa and Nana.  That makes me feel happy.

Please send the "Nephi Liken the Scriptures" movie.  Also send my seminary movies.  I have memorized The Testaments word for word and I need a change.

I now know what it feels like to get empty boxed.  It sucks.  I have also learned two other things.  I know now what it means to be in the world, but not of the world.  I also learned I'm never living in Utah after my mission.

I always look forward to getting Dad's letters.  It gives me something to study in the morning.

I eat lots of Mac & Cheese.  Also I eat lots of PB&J.  I feel bad when I don't like the member's food.  I haven't tried my trick because I have to be brave enough to put the food in my mouth.

On Saturday I went to the 4th  ward and Tongan war's luau.  All the Tongans tried to feed me.  I thought it was kind of funny.

I feel like I've been away from home for a really long time but its only been one month.  Maybe my baptism on Saturday will help with that.

Love your favorite missionary,
Elder Pleshek

P.S. Tell Papa, Tom, Sammi and Evie I said hi.  Oh and give me Trevor's mailing address to I can send him a letter or two and tell Sammi, Jeff and Tom to write me a letter.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

19 Aug 2014

Sorry to hear about Papa. I pray for him every day. I also pray for all of my friends and family back home. I miss you guys, but I'm starting to dwell on home less. It feels like I've been away for years. The days go by fast, but yet slow.
I did meet someone who says they know Gresham. She has lived in Utah for like 30 years. Her maiden name was like Brudnicki or something. 

Its so dang hot here. Yesterday it was like 105 degrees. It was killing me. I was so sweaty.  The members are nice though. They gave us water, ice cream, popsicles, and lemonade. However I don't get food I like all the time, so that's kind of weird. Some guy flipped out on us yesterday when we knocked on his door so I get sworn at every week. Street contacting still sucks but im working on it. I get to be a wittness at our baptism on Saturday. 

By the way, how's Evan doing?  We got some new missionaries from west Africa because of the ebola virus.

Well anyway, miss you and love you guys.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12 Aug 2014

Wow!  The field is a lot different from the MTC. Its way harder. I go street contacting every day. I hate it. Its just one big awkward moment because I always forget what to say and I just don't like talking to strangers. I suppose I'm going to learn to love it since I'll be doing it every day for two years. Well at least that's what my trainer says. Speaking of my trainer, he is a great guy. He is from Michigan. He is really supportive and encouraging. We get along great.

We have our first baptism on the 23rd. Its a nine year old named Xavier. He is part of a less active family, but his grandma is active so she takes him to church. We also talked to this guy last night who thought he might be possessed, so that was interesting. It kind of freaked me out so my companion talked to him the whole time. So yeah.

On Wednesday my home sickness came back. I was kinda miserable for a little bit. But now its better. By the way Mom, send me another SD card so I can send mine home so you can put my pictures online or some thing. I also could use a smaller satchel like the one Dad brought on our trip. That's the perfect size. Don't forget to renew my drivers license.
Things are going a lot smoother now.  Tomorrow I get to go to a place called Brighton. Its up in the mountains. I can't wait to get lost in the work because the time will start to fly by.

I miss and love all of you. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Day in the Field

Me with President Richard and Amy Moffat.
My address is:
7363 S. Layne Dr. Midvale, UT 84047

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

I have been having a blast this last week. I am learning so much and it has really broadened my view of the gospel. I've learned that while I'm in the MTC, any time you want to feel the spirit you can. My district is awesome. I really love these guys. We had a devotional the other night it was given by John H. Groberg and his wife. I love getting letters, but i can't respond to them because I have no stamps or envelopes. The days are long, but the weeks are short. As zone leader me and my companion Elder Craig, are in charge of 3 different districts. So I'm  kind of like the stake president. I miss all of you and keep writing me. Oh, and tell Christian that once a week we get hot wings. Mom you forgot to send me those special numbers. I get to ride the train to Salt Lake City when I leave. I'm  already having once in a life time experiences here and Iv'e only been here a week. Its really awkward being around girls now, its so weird. Tell people to keep writing me.
Love, Elder Pleshek

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 25, 2014

Fridays are my p days. I miss you guys so much. I'm  really homesick, but coming home isn't a option for me. I'm learning so much and my district is great. By the way, i got called to be a zone leader. I also met a couple that say they know you guys. Their name is the Ogdens. They said they lived in Green Bay a while ago. Please tell lots of people to write me. I'm feeling kind of lonely in a way. Please use dearelder.com while I'm in the MTC because I will get those in the mail the next day. I'm one of the only people in my district that hasn't gotten mail and that makes it harder. But I'm glad I came. Please write me lots or even daily for at least for a little bit.

Friday, July 11, 2014


I went to the temple to receive my endowment two weeks ago.  Today I went back and was surprised to see some of my EFY friends there.  It is always a good day when I get to see Spencer and Emily.

Official Picture

 This is the picture I am putting on my missionary plaque. 
  I will be in a biking area.  Maybe I should get a bigger bike.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here We Go!

This is a way for anyone who wants to keep up with my mission to stay in touch with what's going on in my life.  Photos, videos and letters to follow.