Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12 Aug 2014

Wow!  The field is a lot different from the MTC. Its way harder. I go street contacting every day. I hate it. Its just one big awkward moment because I always forget what to say and I just don't like talking to strangers. I suppose I'm going to learn to love it since I'll be doing it every day for two years. Well at least that's what my trainer says. Speaking of my trainer, he is a great guy. He is from Michigan. He is really supportive and encouraging. We get along great.

We have our first baptism on the 23rd. Its a nine year old named Xavier. He is part of a less active family, but his grandma is active so she takes him to church. We also talked to this guy last night who thought he might be possessed, so that was interesting. It kind of freaked me out so my companion talked to him the whole time. So yeah.

On Wednesday my home sickness came back. I was kinda miserable for a little bit. But now its better. By the way Mom, send me another SD card so I can send mine home so you can put my pictures online or some thing. I also could use a smaller satchel like the one Dad brought on our trip. That's the perfect size. Don't forget to renew my drivers license.
Things are going a lot smoother now.  Tomorrow I get to go to a place called Brighton. Its up in the mountains. I can't wait to get lost in the work because the time will start to fly by.

I miss and love all of you. 

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