Tuesday, August 26, 2014

25 Aug 2014

Dear Whoever reads this,

I'm doing really good. The time is starting to fly by. I can't believe I've been in the field for almost a month. Xavier was baptized on Saturday, and on Sunday I got to stand in the circle when he was getting confirmed. The scary part was after he got baptized because I had to give the interlude talk while Xavier and Elder Lefler were getting changed. Giving the interlude talk was hard enough, but to add on to the pressure President and Sister Moffat showed up.

I've gone on three exchanges in this last week and a half. I went with one of the zone leaders, Elder Neilson. He was pretty cool except he ate my food. Then I went with Elder Oliveros. He is from the Philippines. Then I went with Elder Valdez. He is from Guatemala. He was called English speaking, but President Moffat moved him back to Spanish speaking so his English isn't the best. I went to his area and it was like a day off because I can't speak Spanish, so i would just sit there and smile. He's a really fun guy though.

The teaching is about to pick up. We scheduled 4 nonmember appointments yesterday. We found a golden investigater named Mark. He believed the first vision and he seemed interested. But we found out at the end of the lesson that he was moving out of our mission in two days so that sucks. I also gave some guy named Charles a blessing the other day. My companion got a text from President Moffat last night since he's the district leader. It said our district should have 10 new people on date for baptism by Sunday so we have alot of inviting to do.

I didn't think people would be so rude in Utah. I get sworn at on a regular basis. Sometimes its hard to figure out if someone is waving at you or flipping you off. Some of the things I remember getting yelled at me are "the devil loves you," and "hail Satan." I don't let it bother me because it's funny and I realize I am a representative of the Savior, so what there doing is yelling at the Savior which is not a very good idea. On a happier note I've gained 7 pounds. Maybe its because I have started eating peanut butter with a spoon.

Love you guys

Elder Pleshek

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