Monday, May 30, 2016

30 May 2016 Memorial Day

This week was great! On Monday we played basketball and tiger. Then we made the rounds so that Elder Paul could say goodbye to everyone.

On Tuesday we went to the zone building to drop me off. I chilled with the other Elders there until 11 when I had to go to the new missionary and trainer meeting. So we meet with President Palmer before our new missionaries joined us. Elder Case is my new companion. He is 20, from Spanish Fork, and he is 6'9''. So the first day we had a few lessons set up. Elder Case did really well. 

On Wednesday we had a district workout. That way everyone could meet Elder Case. We played tiger. There was a lot of finding. We had  a lesson with Felica Williams and her family. Then later we had a lesson with Brother Neff. We talked about temples and family history. The church came out with some pamphlets for the fifth lesson so we tested them out.

On Thursday we had weekly planning. I did it pretty much by myself, because Elder Case didn't really know a whole lot of people. Then that night we took them to visit the McFarlanes. We had a fun time. They are super cool.

On Friday we had district meeting. We had some get to know you games. And then I have a training on being a successful missionary. Then we had lunch at Subway. Then we had a lesson with the Newman family. Then the rest of the night was finding people. 

I'm out of time, but I will write about the rest of my week next week. We climbed a mountain today so that took up a lot of time.

Monday, May 23, 2016

23 May 2016

This week was great! On Monday we played with these big ball things that you strap yourself into and run into each other. It was really fun and there were only a few injuries. One sister got leveled by Elder Clyde and another Sister took an elbow to the face and it broke her glasses. Sister Martinez wanted to face off with me so we ran at each other and I knocked her on her back. It was funny. After that we played basketball, volleyball, and Tiger.
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Richard Thompson. We talked about the Book of Mormon with him and then invited him to read the introduction.
We also did some service for a widow. We helped put bricks along her fence so the soil wouldn't wash out when it rains.

On Wednesday we had a meeting with the Sisters to discuss the trouble they were having in their areas. It was about an hour long. We talked about ways we can improve and help our areas pick up. Then we were supposed to have a lesson with a nonmember, but he ditched on us.
Then we went to visit the McFarlane's. They threw me a birthday party just because they felt like it.

On Thursday we cleaned the apartment for a little bit, because we had an inspection on Saturday. Then we had lunch and did weekly planning.
We finished early because I needed to run to the mission office to get some baptismal forms so I could conduct an interview. After that we went to visit a lady named Felica. We talked to her for a little bit, and then went to dinner. After dinner we went to the stake center to give a baptismal interview.

On Friday we had a district breakfast at our stake president's home.

Then we had studies together. Then we all headed off to district meeting. I had both sets of Sisters train. The English Sisters taught about asking inspired questions and the Spanish Sisters taught about listening. I wrapped up the meeting with a training on resolving concerns. Then we had district lunch at Chick-fil-a. Later in the afternoon we met the English Sisters at the stake center because Sister Harper needed a blessing. After that the Spanish sisters tracked us down and gave us some cake. I don't know why, but they always give us there extra food. Then we went to dinner. We ate dinner with a part member family. The wife is active and has a stake calling, her husband is a nonmember. He isn't super interested, but he is a really nice guy. Before we left we asked them if there was anything we could do for them and the wife asked us to dedicate their house. So I dedicated their house.
Saturday was an interesting day. It started off normal. We had our apartment inspected and then we went to the Sisters baptism to drop off the baptismal forms. It was a pretty average day until about 8:55pm. We were visiting the McFarlane’s again and we were about to leave, when we got a call from the Spanish Sisters. I answered and all I heard was talking, so I figured they butt dialed me. Then they called us again and Sister Riding said quietly "we are outside of our house and there is a drunk guy, can you come save us?" So brother McFarlane sped us over to their house. By the way brother McFarlane works in security so he was the right guy to be with. So we get there drive by then do a U turn and pull up and they hop in the car. Then the drunk guy came right up to the driver’s side window. Brother McFarlane rolled down his window about an inch and said "have a nice night." Then the drunk dude said something in Spanish and we said we don't speak Spanish. Then he rolled up the window. The drunk dude then started playing with the wind shield wipers on the car and slapping the windshield. As soon as he let go we sped off. We did another U turn and headed back towards the Sister's house because we wanted to let the Elders quorum president know about this. The Elders quorum president lives right next to the sisters and he is a big, muscular Tongan who works at the jail. He was outside of his house talking to someone when we pulled up. Brother McFarlane rolled down his window and said "Stan this guy is harassing the sisters." Then the Elders quorum president got this mean look on his face and walked over to the guy and the drunk dude tried to give him a beer. Then the drunk dude threw a beer can on Brother Moleni's (the Elders quorum president) lawn. He made him go pick it up and then we helped the sisters go home the back way. Then we got transfer calls that night. Elder Paul is going to Taylorsville and is going to be senior companion in a trio. I am staying here as District Leader and I'm TRAINING!!!!!! He is a trial missionary, but I don't care cuz I'm training! So I freaked out about that for like an hour. And I'm also white washing the Sisters out of there area.

Sunday was a regular day. We went to church and had a lesson with Bruno. Except our ward mission leader’s cousin is in town and going to the MTC and she speaks French so we had the lesson at his house. It was good; we talked about the priesthood and eternal families. So yeah that was my week.

Monday, May 16, 2016

16 May 2016

This week was really good! On Monday was a regular proselyting day. I'm not really sure what happened. I can't remember it at all. We didn't teach any lessons so we just went finding.

On Tuesday we had P-day. We went to the Bountiful Temple. It was so beautiful; probably the most beautiful Celestial room I've ever been in. On the way back we were riding with the other DL and we didn't get off on the right exit so we were headed towards Las Vegas. Lucky we found our way back to West Valley. Then our district went bowling for a little bit and then we went to a church and played a game called Tiger. It was so much fun. I scared one of the sisters really bad. 

 On Wednesday I went to a meeting with the ZLs and the STLs to discuss what we were going to train on at zone meeting. My subject was The Book of Mormon: another Testament of Jesus Christ. Then we went to teach a dude named Richard Thompson. He had been less active for about 40 years. After that lesson we went to Brother Buttars house so that we could get some papers he wanted to give us. While we were in his office he opened his closet and I saw his gun safe. So we started talking about guns and he let me hold his revolver. It was pretty cool. Then after dinner we went and taught Brother and Sister Neff about the fall of Adam and Eve.
On Thursday we had weekly planning and then we read the Book of Mormon with Brian. I also prepared my training for zone meeting. Nothing else really happened. 

On Friday we had zone meeting. I trained second. I took up 45 minutes and I was only supposed to train for 30 minutes. It's ok as the meeting still ended on time. I started by asking a series of questions. Like why is the Book of Mormon precious to you and why do you love it? Then I placed a Book of Mormon to one of the Elders. I took it out of a box un covered the Book of Mormon, because it was covered by bubble wrap, then took it out of the plastic bag it was in, put some gloves on and then picked it up and gave it to an Elder and asked him if he would take my most prized possession. Then we had some discussion on how we can testify of the Book of Mormon simply. Then we had two people bear their testimony on the Book of Mormon. 
On Saturday I went on exchanges with elder Hunt. We taught a few lessons and we played basketball for four hours. It was a good day.

On Sunday we had 2 ladies show up to church and ask if they could start meeting with the missionaries, so we have a lesson with them tonight. Bruno got sick so we went to a fireside because our night was free. 

Transfers are next week. I get my call on Friday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 May 2016

 This week was great. On Monday we climbed Donut Falls. It was really fun! We went as a Zone and on the way up and down I led the pack. We went around this corner that was by this stream and if you slipped you would slide down the hill and into the stream. Elder Coleman and I had to help some sisters go around the corner so they wouldn't slip. Sister Martinez almost slid down the hill, but I caught her. We had her hold onto a stick and we dragged her up the hill. I was in the first group to come back, so we climbed some little hills while we waited for everyone to get back. Then we stopped at In-n-Out and then played basketball.

On Tuesday I started a game in my district. It is a street contacting challenge. The point system is 1 point for talking to some random person on the street or at a door step. 2 points for giving a Book of Mormon away and 3 points for getting a return appointment with someone you contact on the street. Later in the day we ate lunch with Elders Hunt and Dolan, and then had a lesson with the McFarlanes.

On Wednesday we went and helped the McFarlanes get situated with their furniture and stuff. We had another service project as well. We helped one of the widows in our area weed her back yard. It was as fun as weed picking gets. Other than service it was a pretty slow day.

On Thursday we had weekly planning and then we had our interviews with President Palmer. My interview was good; we talked about Elder Paul and about how my area is doing. He said that we will probably not stay together this transfer.

On Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Dolan, I was in his area. It was raining all day, but we were inside when it was down pouring. While we were out contacting people we came across a group of drunken guys. We walked over to go talk to them and one of them flipped us off. We asked him if you wanted to talk and he said no, but we went to talk to him anyways. As we were walking up he kept asking us if we would like a shot of rum about four times. We had to turn him down. Then we played basketball with them. As we were walking to the hoop one of them stopped and said I should probably take this off before I play. He turned around and there was a big gun on the side of his belt. But basketball is fun because they were all drunk. Then we ended the exchange that night. We also had a good district meeting that day. It was focused on finding people to teach. Sisters Harper and Thetford gave training on developing the faith to find. Then Elder Pleshek gave the training on talking with everyone. We played a game where everyone had to talk with another companionship while the other companionship was doing something.

On Saturday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area with Elder Clyde. Our whole day it was empty so we contacted the whole day. It was pretty fun though we had lots of fun together. Elder Clyde talked a lot about things I can do to help my district. We talked to 38 people just on the street. And that was pretty much our day.

On Sunday we had church is normal and then I FaceTime home. After I was done face timing home I ate dinner with the Lang family. During dinner I was talking with their son and daughter-in-law. They asked where I was from and I told them Wisconsin, and then I asked which part. I told them that I was from the Green Bay area. Then their daughter-in-law said oh I have a friend from Gresham. Then I excitedly said that's where I'm from, and she said her friends name was Tara Hoffman, and then I said that was my cousin. She seemed pretty excited about that. Then we had a lesson with Bruno, we taught the word of wisdom and the law of tithing. We also talked about why He needs to be baptized again. I think we helped him realize that he needs to be baptized again by the proper authority.

So that was our week, and today we went to the Bountiful Temple.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2 May 2016

 This week was good. On Monday we had a district P-day activity. So we had a Nerf war and played a game called tiger. We played a little bit of basketball too. We have a sister in our district (Sister Harper) who actually wants to play basketball all the time. She is the first sister missionary I've ever met that actually wants to play basketball on p-day.

On Tuesday I started my personal study with reading Alma 45:1. And that is all I studied for 40 minutes. I read it over and over and for some reason I couldn't move on. In Alma 43 & 44 there is this battle going on and in Alma 45:1 they are rejoicing because the Lord has delivered them out of the hands of their enemies. I compared this to my life. Every day is a war with Satan and the Lord will deliver us during the battle. After the daily battle we need to show our appreciation by our works. Then when that happens we will be filled with the joy of Christ, and then we will share it. By doing these things we make our armor thicker and we will win the battle by more and more every day. Then during lunch I was contemplating going on exchanges with the other Elders. I prayed about it read the scriptures and then came up with my conclusion and asked the Lord. I was sustained with my conclusion and called the Elders. I asked them if there was anything they needed to stay in their area for. They told me they both needed to stay in their area for some lessons they both needed to be at. So I told then we would do it later in the week.

On Wednesday we got a call from the Elders and Elder Hunt got sick, so they needed to go on exchanges so they could make their lessons. So I babysat Elder Hunt for the first part of the day and then I went out with Elder Dolan at night. So I guess I was inspired.

Then on Thursday we had weekly planning and we ate lunch with Elder Coleman and Elder Walker. We went to Culvers. Nothing else really happened that day.

On Friday we had district meeting everyone showed up late. I assigned
3 trainings and 2 of them were senior couples, they both went over there time. We had trainings on charity, patience, humility, and I gave training on obedience. We ended 20 minutes late. Then we had a potluck for lunch. For the rest of the day we had a few lessons and helped a partly active family move.

On Saturday we helped the family move again. Then we had a lesson with Brian. It was really good. We read the Book of Mormon with him. Then we went to a birthday party that night.

On Sunday we meet with Bruno, it was a super good lesson. We felt the spirit and so did he. He was shocked when he figured out that the priest who baptized him had no authority. He is going to pray about it during our next meeting.

Sorry it's rushed. We have been busy all day. I got a haircut this morning then we went shopping and we hiked donut falls. It was fun I'll tell you about it on Sunday. I will call around 4 o'clock my time.

This was the first haircut Elder Coleman ever gave.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Official Letter

We received this letter three weeks ago from President Palmer of the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.  Its nice to know that Andrew's mission president loves him.