Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Nov 2015

This week was good. Monday was awesome! We had our meeting with all the Central missionaries. It was good to see everybody. The meeting was also really good.  Elder Wells and I will be staying together. I haven't stayed with a companion for two transfers in over a year. On Thursday we sat around the house all day and napped. Then we went to the stake patriarch's house for dinner. It was really good and I got to sit next to his pretty granddaughter. So yeah it was fun.

On Friday we had district meeting. Elder Wells and I gave a training on companionship unity. After the meeting we climbed the lighthouse.  The light house building is the name of the building we have district meeting in. It's a church with a big lighthouse on the top. So we had to go to the top floor of the church and then open a hatch in the ceiling. We put a chair on top of a table and went into the ceiling.  We ended up in a room that was about 40 feet tall and in the middle of the room was a big ladder that led to the light house. So we all climbed it and took a district picture, I was scared. So that was my week.

Elder Pleshek

P.S. I haven't got my license yet.

Since Erin is going to temple square tell her to drop some apple juice off at my apartment.

The MTC is going back to 3 weeks for people serving in there native tongue. So I'm getting extended another week so see you on August 16th.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today I have an all day pday so can you send me pictures of thanksgiving back home?


Elder Pleshek

Monday, November 23, 2015

23 Nov 2015

This week was good. However we didn't get to teach Tim. That was sad, Tim is such an awesome guy. This week we went to the Spanish sisters baptism. They needed someone to play the piano. So we went and helped set up. We had a good time and the baptism was great too. After the baptism finished they couldn't pull the plug out of the font with the stick thing that they use. So I volunteered to go in and pull it out.
I will send you the video.

Yesterday we had another musical fireside in Tooele. It was really good. There were great testimonies and we probably sang the best we ever have. It was fun and I always love seeing people from the Central mission, because we got transferred all over the place and spread out.

All the Central missionaries have a meeting today with President Palmer. I'm not sure what it's for, but he says we're not in trouble so that's good. On Friday we will get our transfer calls so I will let you know what happens.


Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17 Nov 2015

Sorry I didn't write yesterday; our p day was today because we got to go to the temple this morning. It was really awesome! This week was good. We taught Tim again. He is so solid. He is progressing very well. He is like a sponge he just soaks up everything we teach him. He is so excited to get baptized!
This week we talked to a lot of drunk, homeless people. Well, they talked to us; we didn't really do much talking. One dude told us that the church was a money sucking cult. Some people are so bitter.
Another homeless guy told us that God raised him from the dead and how God told him to spread the gospel. Then he went on about how drugs are bad. He was wasted. We talked to him for an hour. I also saw a car crash it was pretty intense.
It snowed a little bit but it all melted. I did build a snow man though. We also found this place to eat called Wienerschnitzel. It's really good. I got letters from the young women yesterday. I think everyone of them talked about me playing the violin. I also got a hair cut last week. Well that's all, not a very eventful week.
Elder Pleshek

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

9 Nov 2015

This week was good. We taught a man named Tim Palmisano. He walked in to church last week and asked' "what do I have to do to be baptized."
So we met with him on Tuesday and taught him the restoration. He is getting baptized on December 5th!  He is so golden.

On Friday we gave a training in district meeting about obedience. It was about 10 minutes long and everyone participated. I think it was good and everyone else seemed to like it too.

On Thursday I finally got my retainer fixed. The best part about that is the dude did it for free. However after we left the office we were on the way home and I heard a snap in my mouth. I felt around and ironically the other side of my retainer broke. So I have to go get it fixed again this week.

Yesterday I ran into one of the people I use to teach when I was in the valley park stake. He showed up to church and informed me that he had moved to west valley. Sadly I don't think he lives in my area, I think he lives in the next stake over. Not a whole lot happened last week, but today we are going to play at an indoor soccer arena. So that should be fun. Have a nice week.

Yes I stand by the first presidency. I haven't really heard a lot about it though. It's the same policy with polygamists and I've worked with polygamist before so I already understand why they do it.

Elder Pleshek

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Nov 2015

This week was good. On Tuesday I had my interview with President Palmer. It went really good, He is such a great man. It wasn't really an interview, it was more of a discussion. After I got out of my interview I had to wait for Elder Wells to do his interview. While I was waiting Elder Roybler called me over to his desk. (Elder Roybler and his wife are the head office couple.) He said, "Because your release date is in the middle of our transfer, instead of losing 3 weeks how would you like to extend 3 weeks?" I said yes. So instead of coming home on June 28th I will come home August 9th.

So then on Wednesday I stayed in all day because I was sick. It's the first time I've really been sick on my mission. It really sucked, you can only watch church movies for so long. I was all better the next day though. This is the first time I have really gotten sick.

On Friday we had district meeting. This is the biggest district I've ever been in. There's three sets of Elders and one set of sisters, then we also have the Zone leaders and the STLs in our district. After district meeting we went to cafe rio. I have the Valley fair mall in my area so there are lots of good places to eat.

On Halloween our district got together and helped a family move. It was lots of fun. It took most of the day. After dinner we were told we had to be in. So we could stay in our apartment or we could go play basket ball with other missionaries. So we went and played basketball.

Yesterday after church I got to help give Junlong Li the Melchizedek priesthood. Li is a recent convert I taught a lot and got close to while I was in the YSA ward. It was a great experience. Well that was my week.


Elder Pleshek