Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9 Sep 2014

Dear people,

Mom make sure to email me next Monday because my p day is on Monday next week. We are going to Ensign peak next Tuesday as a mission so I get to see some of my MTC buddies. Also tomorrow I get to watch the Ogden temple dedication at the mission office, so I still need to get a white handkerchief today. The rack on my bike broke. I guess it couldn't handle me hopping curbs so I need to get a new one. It won't be as nice, but it will do the job. 
The most frustrating part is when your investigates don't come to church. We've got a 10 year old kid named Angel on date for October 18th, so if that actually happens I should have a great birthday. President Moffat is really in need of trainers, so after next transfer president said he is going to make some of the elders in my group trainers. I don't think I'll be ready for that, but who knows how I will turn out after these next 6 weeks. So anyways I don't know if I'll get an ipad because President Moffat doesn't like them. He said he's not getting them until the  church makes him. So if I am getting one I will find out in November. So Mom, make sure i have $400 in my account when November rolls around, thanks.


Elder Pleshek

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