Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 Sep 2014

Dear People, 

Hey mom, so you get to keep the Hemi and the Saab? I'm sorry to hear about Papa. It's good to hear that Bonny is finally getting a divorce. 

So... my week could have been alot better if people could just come to church. We put two people on date this week, but none of them came to church so they all fell off date. This week I also went on an exchange. Elder McNair came to my area and that is when we put those people on date.

On Sunday we were on our way to set up a teaching appointment and some guy flagged us down. So we stopped and talked to him. This was my first face off with an Anti or "basher".  It was so stupid. All he talked about was Porter Rockwell. So that was interesting. 

I almost got hit by a car yesterday. I was crossing the crosswalk and someone was trying to make a right hand turn into me. Well in other news I gave the first lesson to this F LDS girl. Then I got the joy of calling President Moffat to see what to do in this situation. 

Well anyways, love you guys.

Elder Pleshek


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