Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 Oct 2014

Dear People,

My birthday was just like any other day, just more presents. Was I suppose to get a cake?  I just saw a bag of food and balloons. Who is Annie Dunoskivic?  Is that one of Sammi's old missionary companions?  
My week was good. On Tuesday Elder Don Ray Clarke from the First Quorum of the Seventy came to visit us. He talked to us for a couple of hours.  Then after it was over he asked President Moffat to pick four random missionaries for him to interview.  I was one of the missionaries that got picked.  It was amazing!  I've never been so pumped up for missionary work before. Its not every day you get interviewed by a general authority!
On another note, today while I was riding my bike I almost T-boned someone.
So some things I would like for Christmas are space bags and a small Book of Mormon and Bible. Those big ones get heavy. Space bags would make transfers a lot easier.  Have a great week.

Elder Pleshek

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