Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Nov 2014

Dear Readers,

This week was an eventful one. On Halloween night I got to dress up like a missionary and go to the Jordan River temple. It was fun. I got to see lots of my friends. I love when Elder Forrester, Brogan, and I get together. We always have so much fun and we take turns teaming up and insulting each other. Two of my investigators are getting baptized on Saturday. That's great, but there goes all of our investigators so this week we have done a lot of tracting. I HATE TRACTING >:(  But we need new people to teach.
It was in the 40s yesterday. My companion was wearing 3 jackets and I just had my suit jacket on. I'm sad it didn't snow by me on Sunday like it was supposed too. I'm really looking forward to snow.  I got a pair of boots last week so I am all prepared. Well that's it.

There should be a stuffed bear on my dresser.  Could you send me that for Christmas?  We like to role play on stuffed animals and I kind of want that bear.  Could you also send me my long sleeved Duke basketball shirt? 
Love you
Elder Pleshek


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