Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb 2016

 This week was good. On Tuesday we had transfers. Elder Rodgers drove me to my new area. The address they gave us for the building I had to pick up Elder Paul at sent us to the middle of a trailer park. We eventually found it. The whole first day we walked because my bike was still at my old apartment. We went around and pretty much met a bunch of the ward missionaries. My apartment is really nice though It's probably one of the biggest ones I've stayed in too.

On Wednesday we contacted people for a lot of the day. And then we had a lesson with a recent convert later in the night. We were talking about the scriptures and how they apply to us. Then the guy (His name is Nelson) said something and Elder Paul, our member present and I all  opened our scriptures to the same place so we could share it with him. None of us planned on sharing that scripture at the beginning of the lesson, but the spirit prompted all of us to share that scripture it was really cool.

On Thursday we ate lunch with some old dude. We ate beef stroganoff and it was pretty good. After that we had weekly planning. It was long.  All of our lessons the rest of the day fell through. So we had a chance to do some more contacting.

On Friday we had district meeting. It was not the most exciting meeting ever. The district is kind of odd. After district meeting we went home and ate lunch. Then we went and visited a dude that moved from Cameroon. His English is ok, but we are getting a translator. After we visited him we went to the mission office to get a French Book of Mormon for him. Then that night we had a meeting with one of our ward mission leaders. We are going to start teaching active families and help them with their missionary efforts.

On Saturday we had a packed day with like 7 lessons planned. But one by one they all fell through except for the one at the end of the day.  So we did some service for this lady who is moving. Then our ward mission leader took us out to lunch. We went to Culvers! I was so happy, it's the first time I've gone in like 2 years. So it was a slow day, but we worked hard.

On Sunday we went to all 3 sacrament meetings. I liked the 5th branch. It was pretty cool listening to them speak Marshallese. We had a head set for a translator, but I didn't use it for the last talk. I also already knew some of the people in the Marshallese branch, I played basketball with them in my last area. So it was cool to see them. Church was fun. We found a non member at church and pulled him into a room taught him and put him on date for March 26th. It was a good lesson, a little jumpy because that's the first time we taught the restoration together. But we found out Brian (the guy we put on date) just moved in with his girlfriend, who is the one he came to church with. She is also in high school too, so it's not like we can get them married. Frustrating.  Then we went and visited some members and that was our night.

So I now cover two English wards and the 5th branch which is the Marshallese unit. The Marshallese branch covers the whole valley so if I stay maybe I will get a car. It's weird to think that I may end my mission in this area. I think I will have one more area, but who knows. This morning we went to this Philippino ladies house and ate breakfast with the 2 sets of sisters in our stake.

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