Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Mar 2016

This week was good, we helped this lady from Africa move for like 3 hours. She had so much stuff. It took forever. We made probably 3 or 4 DI runs to donate things. Each one of those runs we filled up the back of a truck and a trailer. We had pizza for lunch so that was good. Then that night we taught mutual and did a lesson on missionary work.We showed some videos and did some role plays. It was fun.

On Wednesday we had some awesome lessons. We had a lesson with Nelson Neff again. He is so awesome. I love seeing people with his enthusiasm for the gospel. He is a man that gets it. We talked a lot on the topic of repentance. After his lesson we taught another mutual. We watched the last episode of the district 2. Then we talked about missionary work. After that we taught the McFarlane family. They are really cool. I have lots of fun when we go over there.

On Thursday we taught Brian the plan of salvation, he is progressing pretty good. After his lesson we had weekly planning. That night we had a lesson with the Meyer family. It was a really awkward lesson. So we made it short. Then we taught a guy named Bill Tate. He is really funny and has lots of stories. We committed him to stop drinking coffee so the can prepare himself to go back to the temple.
On Friday we had zone training. It was really good. I learned a lot and got pumped. My favorite training was probably the one from the Sister APs. The talked about the joy that the gospel brings and how we should be more joyful while we do missionary work. That night we had a FHE at one of our ward mission leaders houses. We got some nonmember kids there. We talked about how we can better our relationship with Christ.

Saturday was really slow. We went contacting all day and went on ward visits.

On Sunday we went to all 3 of our sacrament meetings. I love going to the Marshallese branch. I never wear the headphones because I like to listen to their testimonies in their language. We went up to bear our testimonies twice yesterday. It was a good way to introduce myself. I also consecrated oil in Elders Quorum. After dinner we got stuck in the rain. It was wet. So for the last few days I've had a cold so some members gave me NyQuil. So right before I went to bed I drank a little bit. It was so nasty. About 5 minutes after taking it I threw up because it was so nasty. Well that was my week.

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