Monday, March 14, 2016

14 Mar 2016

This week was good. On Monday we went bowling as a zone. It was really fun. I won one of the games we played.

On Tuesday we had a district lunch. We ate at our district leader's house. My district leader is Elder Ama and his companion is Elder Mahi. Elder Mahi made some burgers and everyone else brought stuff. Nothing happened during the day but after dinner we were at the stake center using the bathroom and some people needed help running their church ball game because playoffs started. I was going to be a ref but then their other one showed up so Elder Paul ran the clock and I did the book. It was our service for the night.

On Wednesday we had exchanges. I went to Elder Mahi's area with him. We had lots of fun. In the morning we went to the mission office and Elder Mahi got driver certified and also got certified to drive the mission van. Then we went to lunch at Subway. After that we went to a church to have a meeting with his stake president to discuss missionary work in the English wards. While we were waiting we went to the room where all of the pipes for the organ are. After that we ate dinner with a really cool family. We had BBQ chicken sandwiches and Cheetos. It was a great meal.

On Thursday we had weekly planning it, was a lot better than last week's. After that was finished we went to dinner. We went to a Marshallese family in the next stake over. When we walked in the first thing I saw when I walked in was a tout of frozen fish. So I thought that was what we were having for dinner. Luckily we had chicken and rice. It was good and I tried to eat as much as I could so I didn't offend them.

On Friday we had district meeting in the morning. It was a good meeting. We had a training by our Sisters on hope. They talked about how hope is the start of faith. Then we gave a training on following up with people. I think it was really good, but I'm not sure how everyone else liked it. That night we went to a Marshallese wedding because the family invited us for food afterwards. I think that's the first wedding I've been to that I can remember. When they were signing the marriage paper thing they didn't have a pen so they used mine. I'm pretty proud of the fact my pen married someone. So we had to leave at 6:30 for a FHE with our ward mission leader at the church history museum. The wedding finished at 5:45 and when 6:30 came the food still wasn't ready so we left. The museum was awesome! It was my first time being there, the first thing we saw was the first vision movie. It was good we took some less actives and some non members.
On Saturday morning I was going to play basketball with the Marshallese branch because there were some non members coming but someone died so there was a funeral there instead. I was kinda bummed out. So we went to Brother Buttar's house. He is one of the ward missionaries and he was a mission president in Arizona a few years ago. We went over the unbaptized list with him and we might have found a good potential. So the rest of the day consisted of everyone canceling their appointments. One of our lessons didn't cancel and that was the last one of the day. His name is Bill Tate. He is going through a rough time. The whole lesson the spirit was there and I had the prompting to ask him if he wanted a blessing. So I asked him. He said yes and I gave him a blessing. The spirit was super strong. All the things I needed to say came to my mind. Bill and I were bother teary eyed at the end of it. It was a good lesson.

Sunday was a regular Sunday. Brian came to church.  I think we are going to push his date back. We feel that he isn't progressing fast enough to reach his date. That night we had a lesson with a family where the mom is active and the daughter just got home from her mission. Everyone else is inactive. We taught the plan of salvation.  It was a good lesson too. Hopefully we can help them get active and go to the temple. That was my week.

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