Monday, March 21, 2016

21 Mar 2016

 This week was good. On Monday we went to downtown Salt Lake. We were going to go to the Salt Lake cemetery but it rained. So instead, we went to the Salt Lake Pioneer Museum. It was a cool museum. It had like six floors in it. My favorite part of it was the room with all the guns and swords. I also liked the two-headed sheep. After that we all came home. On the way home we stopped at the sandwich place. While we were there we met this dude who was a host on a radio show. When we were all headed back to the van to eat our lunch the dude stop us.  He wanted all of us to say our name and where we were from so he could record it and put it on his radio show. After that, he left and we started eating. We were about to leave and then he came back. He wanted us to say the Pledge of Allegiance so he could put that on his radio show as well. It was really cool.

Tuesday was kind of slow. We went around all day trying to contact people, but we had no luck. We did get to visit the Samami family though. They are a fun family. The mom is white and the dad is Tongan.  I talked to the dad the whole time about his mission. He served on the reservations in New Mexico. We talked about the high school basketball teams on the reservations. Apparently in New Mexico they are a lot better than back home.

On Wednesday we started knocking a group of houses called Fox shadows. There are a lot of records of people in there, but no one is sure if they still live there.  We didn't have any luck. So then we went to a different ward and started trying to contact less actives. Only one of the houses answered. They had a vicious dog and it tried to bite us through the screen. It was a little stinker. After we did that we had a lesson with Brian. He seemed to accept everything we talked about. We taught him lesson three, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. After his lesson we headed to dinner.  We had pulled pork sandwiches. They were really good. After dinner we went and visited Nelson Neff. He wasn't able to make it to church on Sunday so we taught the Millennium lesson from the gospel principles book with one of our ward mission leaders. After that our other lesson canceled so we went to the church and we played basketball with the young men in the seventh ward. It was really fun. They all wanted to play me one-on-one and I beat all of them. And then right before for we left I dunked it. It felt really good. I haven't done that in a long time.

On Thursday we went to lunch with the zone leaders. We went to Culver's, While we were there they asked us if we wanted to help them out with the service project and we said yes. So after we ate lunch they took us home to change and then we went to the service project.

The service project was deshingling a roof. We were there for three hours and we didn't finish it. I never have deshingled a roof before, but it was fun. By the time we left it was time for dinner so you quick went home and changed and then we went to dinner. For dinner we had roast and these really good cheesy potatoes. And then for dessert we get ice cream. Then we went to the stake center and participated in the youth choir because there is not enough showing up for it. And that was our night.

On Friday we had district meeting. It was pretty good. There was some training given on the trust. After district meeting not a whole lot happened over lessons canceled on us. It was kind of frustrating but that's just part of missionary work. So we did a lot of contacting on Friday.

On Saturday we went back with the zone leaders and helped on the roof again. Three of us were on the garage roof removing the shingles.  Elder Fakatou was on the other roof helping lay down the tar paper. After that we went to a lesson, but that didn't happen because they didn't answer the door. Then we had another service project where we raked the lady's yard for her. By the time dinner came around we were really tired. For dinner we had some Mexican food with this awesome family. Their oldest son went to the same high school as Atiba Jacobs. So we talked about Atiba for a little bit.
After dinner we went to the stake center so I can use the bathroom.

While we were there the Marshallese branch was having a wedding. They just finished the wedding and the bride and groom were walking out of the cultural hall and they were playing some love song and it was kind of making me trunky so I tried not to listen. Then we went to visit Bill Tate. It was a good lesson he is always a fun guy to go and visit. He is progressing slowly but surely. He's a great guy.

On Sunday, since we had the temple dedication we couldn't bring our investigators to church. So we took them to Music and the Spoken Word. Afterwards we took them on a tour at Temple Square. We brought Brian and some less active people who are returning. We also brought a man named Bruno. He is from Cameroon and he mainly speaks French, but he is learning English pretty good. So we had a Temple Square sister give Bruno the tour in French. We are going to set it up so that once a week we can take Bruno to Temple Square and we can tag team teach him in French and English. Then we came home and had lunch. Then we went to the 3:00 session of the temple dedication. It was really good. We got to hear from Elder Nelson, Elder Stephenson, Elder Clayton, and Elder Ringwood along with others. My favorite talk was probably by Elder Clayton. Then we went to dinner and we ate with a family where the wife is from the Philippines. We had Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good. Then for the rest of the night we visited member families.

That is the address that was on dad's first letter I got, but I've only got one letter from him. You could send my package to the mission office if you wanted to. I sent you a letter with a thumb drive in it.
You should get it today or tomorrow. Let me know if you get it and if all the pictures and videos work. 

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