Monday, February 1, 2016

1 Fab 2016

This week was good. We had a snowball fight on Monday for P day. Elder Andersen and I built a pretty good fort, but it couldn't with hold the 260 lbs of charging Samoan Elder Semu. It was really fun though. 

On Tuesday we went to the mission office for some reason and one of the office couples told us that we were moving. We live right under the APs. The leases ran out on both apartments. Our apartment cost more because we have one extra room. So the APs found a cheap place to live and we moved upstairs. Before I forget, my address has changed a little, I'm in apartment #1 now. 

This week was deep cleaning the apartment so we can close it. We had to clean up after probably three years of missionaries. There was a lot of crap. The walls were scuffed, the carpet was full of stains and the tub was kinda gross. The carpets are cleaned and the walls are repaired so it looks a lot better now. The really fun part was moving the washer and dryer upstairs. They are stacked and don't come apart so one of our APs and Elder Shin, one of our zone leaders, helped move it. I was holding half of it when we were going up the stairs, but I was on the bottom so all the weight started coming on my side. I thought I was going to die. We are moved into our apartment now, but we still have to put everything away. The upstairs apartment is a lot nicer and its above ground. So it's not like living in the pit we were living in. 

On Wednesday we had interviews with president Palmer. It was pretty great. I asked him about training and he told me I was worthy and qualified to train. He also said that he would look into it. Then he opened the transfer board in his office and showed me all the incoming missionaries. So we will see what happens. The interview was great though, I love President and Sister Palmer. They are so great. Yesterday we were supposed to pick up two new investigators, but they both canceled on us. This week was pretty uneventful because of our move and deep cleaning. Until next week.

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