Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb 2016

This week was great. On Monday we went ice skating in Murray. It was really fun to watch the people that haven't done it before. I was proud of myself as I didn't fall over at all. We had lots of fun. Then later we were cutting through the parting lots at the Valley Fair mall and a young lady stopped us. I think her name was Kara. Anyway, she asked us some questions about baptism and repentance. She got baptized when she was 9, but hadn't been active since. So we explained to her that when we take the sacrament we renew our promises with God and it's like being baptized again. She started crying and said thank you and then we went our separate ways. After she was out of sight we realized that we should have gotten her address and sent missionaries to her home. We felt pretty bad. So we will be watching out for her so we can make things right.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our on date investigators (Amber). We taught her lesson 4 and 5. She was really excited for her baptism and to receive a calling after she is baptized.  We also made the program and I am giving the talk on baptism. After our lesson we went to lunch with our senior couple at Cafe Rio. It was really good and they were playing regular music so that was a tender mercy. Then later that night we went to Kolbie's baptism in Millcreek. It was a good service. I got to see Elder Fike again. After that we ate dinner with the Lewis family. We have been teaching their 8 year old daughter, Mariah. They are an active family but they just waned us to teach her and prepare her for her baptism. They are a really nice family. Sister Lewis is from Brazil and she is really funny. Before we left she told me to send her a wedding invitation when I get married. I assured he that it wouldn't be for awhile then she said, "That's what they all say." But it will be awhile.

On Wednesday we taught Amber again. We talked about latter day prophets and went over the baptismal interview questions. She did really well. She is really excited to get baptized. Then after that we went over the program with the ward mission leader. After that Elder Wells and I were walking to dinner and I realized that transfer calls are this week and we find out on Friday night what's happening. I thought we had another full week left. It also kinda hit me that I only have 5 months left so I can't waste a whole lot of time. Then that night we had a lesson with a returning member , her name is Tara.
It was a good lesson and we taught the Word of Wisdom. She is pretty accepting of everything we talk about. After that I played lightning with the young men. It was fun. Then we plastic wrapped the sisters door and headed home.

On Thursday Amber had her interview and she passed! Me and Elder Coleman did the interview because Elder Beagley had his Trunky Temple trip because he's going home. So while the interview was going on it started to hail and thunderstorm. Then it started to snow. Utah has crazy weather and it changes so fast. After the interview we went to Cafe Rio. It's a tradition that started with Elder Helgesen that we go every Thursday before weekly planning. Weekly planning was good. Just as we were finished we got a call from a man named Johnny Carroll. He lives at the other side of the area. Our ward mission leader in that ward told us about him, but I had never met him. So we got a ride and went to his house. When we got there he was drunk. He was also threatening to drive his truck off of a cliff. But we calmed him down.  He is super depressed because he lost his job and some other things. While we were there he finished 5 cans of beer. And be told us that he wanted to go to rehab. But yeah that was interesting. After that we went to dinner, and then went and contacted people. After that we went to the stake center and played basketball. I sucked it up really bad. I am so out of shape. We got home planned and then crashed.

On Friday morning we had district meeting. It was kinda sad because we had 3 missionaries going home. We had a training about studies and how we can make them better. After that we ate at Chilies. No one paid for us this time. After that we helped carry a microwave up a flight of stairs and then we did some contacting. After that we went to dinner.  We had some kind of pot pie. It was ok. After that we did some more contacting. Then I got sick and we came back to the apartment. 

So at about 9:25pm we got our transfer calls. So I am going to the Granger West Stake and being Sr companion to Elder Paul. I have met him a few times and he is really weird, but apparently he works hard so that is good. After that Elder Semu and Coleman came to give me a blessing. I was told not to worry about this upcoming transfer and that it would make me grow. So I'm not so nervous anymore.

On Saturday we went to the baptism of Mariah Lewis. She is an 8 year old we have been teaching. We had the privilege of helping confirm her after she was baptized. Right after that we had Amber's baptism. It was very short and simple. I gave the talk on baptism and I was also a witness when she got baptized. So we have had 2 convert baptisms this week. Not a lot happened the rest of the day, I visited some people to tell them that I was leaving. There was actually some people that were sad. A wife of one of my ward mission leaders surprise hugged me when she found out. She said "Just don't hug me back and it's ok." I thought it was pretty funny.

On Sunday Amber was confirmed and we helped pass the sacrament. Then we went to Koibi's confirmation. After sacrament meeting no one showed up to gospel principles so sister Thaxton invited us to the marriage and family relations class, so we went. It was kinda weird, but we had fun and learned a little bit. After church we went to a Samoan house to eat dinner. I ate a lot of fried chicken. After dinner we went to visit some people and then we went to the Thaxton's house. I was sad all day because I'm leaving and lots of people said they would miss me. So I've been depressed all day.

I learned that I will be covering a Marshallese unit in my new area. The only reason I'm nervous about my area is that I will offend them because I won't like their food. I'm also sad because my district leader Elder Beagley is going home, I will miss him.


Elder Pleshek

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