Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 Feb 2016

I'm alive!!! Sorry I had a temple trip today and that is why today is Pday. 

Last week was good. On Monday we went bowling for our P-day activity.
The start of the week was slow, but it picked up towards the end of the week. Some missionaries in the East mission have been teaching a kid who lives in our area. So we had a pass off lesson. We went to Millcreek for it. One of the missionaries who has been teaching this kid is Elder Fike. Elder Fike is from the Central mission and we were in the same district for 3 transfers so it was nice to see him. Kolbie "the kid" is getting baptized on Saturday. We found another girl this week. Her name is Rosina and she is on date for the second week in March. There is another girl named Amber who is getting baptized in two weeks. So that will be exciting.

When Sister Caldwell called me I was walking out of Chilies because we ate lunch as a zone. In Chilies we were about to pay and the waiter said someone paid for us. Someone dropped over $200 to pay for an ounce of missionaries. Anyway, every time I go to the mission office Sister Caldwell always has to tell me that I have a beautiful sister and all I ever say is "I guess." I did get my driver's license and I got certified to drive in case I get transferred to a car area.

We had zone training meeting this week. It gave me a chance to study conversion. So this week my studies were really awesome.

Yesterday we had two non-member lessons cancel on us. It really sucked but it gave us a chance to visit some less actives. We even found someone to teach pretty soon. This family that is partly active because of their work schedule, have a son that turned nine yesterday and he hasn't been baptized. It's been a pretty good week so far. Well that's all I got.

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