Monday, May 30, 2016

30 May 2016 Memorial Day

This week was great! On Monday we played basketball and tiger. Then we made the rounds so that Elder Paul could say goodbye to everyone.

On Tuesday we went to the zone building to drop me off. I chilled with the other Elders there until 11 when I had to go to the new missionary and trainer meeting. So we meet with President Palmer before our new missionaries joined us. Elder Case is my new companion. He is 20, from Spanish Fork, and he is 6'9''. So the first day we had a few lessons set up. Elder Case did really well. 

On Wednesday we had a district workout. That way everyone could meet Elder Case. We played tiger. There was a lot of finding. We had  a lesson with Felica Williams and her family. Then later we had a lesson with Brother Neff. We talked about temples and family history. The church came out with some pamphlets for the fifth lesson so we tested them out.

On Thursday we had weekly planning. I did it pretty much by myself, because Elder Case didn't really know a whole lot of people. Then that night we took them to visit the McFarlanes. We had a fun time. They are super cool.

On Friday we had district meeting. We had some get to know you games. And then I have a training on being a successful missionary. Then we had lunch at Subway. Then we had a lesson with the Newman family. Then the rest of the night was finding people. 

I'm out of time, but I will write about the rest of my week next week. We climbed a mountain today so that took up a lot of time.

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