Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 May 2016

 This week was great. On Monday we climbed Donut Falls. It was really fun! We went as a Zone and on the way up and down I led the pack. We went around this corner that was by this stream and if you slipped you would slide down the hill and into the stream. Elder Coleman and I had to help some sisters go around the corner so they wouldn't slip. Sister Martinez almost slid down the hill, but I caught her. We had her hold onto a stick and we dragged her up the hill. I was in the first group to come back, so we climbed some little hills while we waited for everyone to get back. Then we stopped at In-n-Out and then played basketball.

On Tuesday I started a game in my district. It is a street contacting challenge. The point system is 1 point for talking to some random person on the street or at a door step. 2 points for giving a Book of Mormon away and 3 points for getting a return appointment with someone you contact on the street. Later in the day we ate lunch with Elders Hunt and Dolan, and then had a lesson with the McFarlanes.

On Wednesday we went and helped the McFarlanes get situated with their furniture and stuff. We had another service project as well. We helped one of the widows in our area weed her back yard. It was as fun as weed picking gets. Other than service it was a pretty slow day.

On Thursday we had weekly planning and then we had our interviews with President Palmer. My interview was good; we talked about Elder Paul and about how my area is doing. He said that we will probably not stay together this transfer.

On Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Dolan, I was in his area. It was raining all day, but we were inside when it was down pouring. While we were out contacting people we came across a group of drunken guys. We walked over to go talk to them and one of them flipped us off. We asked him if you wanted to talk and he said no, but we went to talk to him anyways. As we were walking up he kept asking us if we would like a shot of rum about four times. We had to turn him down. Then we played basketball with them. As we were walking to the hoop one of them stopped and said I should probably take this off before I play. He turned around and there was a big gun on the side of his belt. But basketball is fun because they were all drunk. Then we ended the exchange that night. We also had a good district meeting that day. It was focused on finding people to teach. Sisters Harper and Thetford gave training on developing the faith to find. Then Elder Pleshek gave the training on talking with everyone. We played a game where everyone had to talk with another companionship while the other companionship was doing something.

On Saturday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area with Elder Clyde. Our whole day it was empty so we contacted the whole day. It was pretty fun though we had lots of fun together. Elder Clyde talked a lot about things I can do to help my district. We talked to 38 people just on the street. And that was pretty much our day.

On Sunday we had church is normal and then I FaceTime home. After I was done face timing home I ate dinner with the Lang family. During dinner I was talking with their son and daughter-in-law. They asked where I was from and I told them Wisconsin, and then I asked which part. I told them that I was from the Green Bay area. Then their daughter-in-law said oh I have a friend from Gresham. Then I excitedly said that's where I'm from, and she said her friends name was Tara Hoffman, and then I said that was my cousin. She seemed pretty excited about that. Then we had a lesson with Bruno, we taught the word of wisdom and the law of tithing. We also talked about why He needs to be baptized again. I think we helped him realize that he needs to be baptized again by the proper authority.

So that was our week, and today we went to the Bountiful Temple.

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