Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2 May 2016

 This week was good. On Monday we had a district P-day activity. So we had a Nerf war and played a game called tiger. We played a little bit of basketball too. We have a sister in our district (Sister Harper) who actually wants to play basketball all the time. She is the first sister missionary I've ever met that actually wants to play basketball on p-day.

On Tuesday I started my personal study with reading Alma 45:1. And that is all I studied for 40 minutes. I read it over and over and for some reason I couldn't move on. In Alma 43 & 44 there is this battle going on and in Alma 45:1 they are rejoicing because the Lord has delivered them out of the hands of their enemies. I compared this to my life. Every day is a war with Satan and the Lord will deliver us during the battle. After the daily battle we need to show our appreciation by our works. Then when that happens we will be filled with the joy of Christ, and then we will share it. By doing these things we make our armor thicker and we will win the battle by more and more every day. Then during lunch I was contemplating going on exchanges with the other Elders. I prayed about it read the scriptures and then came up with my conclusion and asked the Lord. I was sustained with my conclusion and called the Elders. I asked them if there was anything they needed to stay in their area for. They told me they both needed to stay in their area for some lessons they both needed to be at. So I told then we would do it later in the week.

On Wednesday we got a call from the Elders and Elder Hunt got sick, so they needed to go on exchanges so they could make their lessons. So I babysat Elder Hunt for the first part of the day and then I went out with Elder Dolan at night. So I guess I was inspired.

Then on Thursday we had weekly planning and we ate lunch with Elder Coleman and Elder Walker. We went to Culvers. Nothing else really happened that day.

On Friday we had district meeting everyone showed up late. I assigned
3 trainings and 2 of them were senior couples, they both went over there time. We had trainings on charity, patience, humility, and I gave training on obedience. We ended 20 minutes late. Then we had a potluck for lunch. For the rest of the day we had a few lessons and helped a partly active family move.

On Saturday we helped the family move again. Then we had a lesson with Brian. It was really good. We read the Book of Mormon with him. Then we went to a birthday party that night.

On Sunday we meet with Bruno, it was a super good lesson. We felt the spirit and so did he. He was shocked when he figured out that the priest who baptized him had no authority. He is going to pray about it during our next meeting.

Sorry it's rushed. We have been busy all day. I got a haircut this morning then we went shopping and we hiked donut falls. It was fun I'll tell you about it on Sunday. I will call around 4 o'clock my time.

This was the first haircut Elder Coleman ever gave.

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