Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31 Aug 2015

Dear Everyone,

My week was good. We taught Richard (the guy from Sudan) this week and we put him on date for September 26th. Sadly he didn't come to church yesterday. Neither did Marisol. We had an awesome lesson this week, we taught her the 10 commandments and when we were going over the 4th commandment "keep the Sabbath day holy" I told her that anything that keeps her from coming to church breaks commandment number 2 "don't worship idols." 
We have been working with another guy named Dominic. He thinks he is a member, but no one is sure. We haven't found his records yet so we may have to re baptize him. He is already super active and a strong believer in the LDS church. He has a burning passion to follow God and he says he came to Utah because God told him to and he doesn't know why.

We went to temple square yesterday with a recent convert who is from China. It was really fun. I saw some people from my old area there. It was really nice. Nothing else really happened this week.


Elder Pleshek

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