Monday, September 28, 2015

28 Sep 2015

This week was good. On Tuesday we took a Samoan family we are working with, to temple square. They want to get sealed so we are teaching them. They are a really cool family. We also had dinner with a Tongan couple. We walked into their kitchen and the table was full of food.
We sat down and they said, "Elders it's all for you." Oh boy that was a lot of food. We both ate until we were full and we hardly made a dent in the food that was on the table. They kept saying, "Don't be shy Elders it's all for you." Then they sent us home with huge plates of leftovers. It was crazy!

On Friday we were on our way to district meeting and a bus stopped 30 yards in front of us to let people off. This guy got off the bus and started walking towards us. When we got up to him to say hi, he made the L shape with his hand and started saying "Loser" over and over. We both thought it was funny and kept riding. I have never gotten that one before. 

Yesterday we taught a 10 year old girl named Ryleigh. She is going to get baptized on October 10th. So we have 2 baptisms happening on the same day! I haven't had that happen since last November. So last night we had another mission musical fireside. It's a fireside put on by the missionaries in our mission. It's a finding method that we are trying out. We had a mission choir that I got to be a part of. It went really well. We have a lot of talented missionaries.

The last 2 weeks we have been at war with the Spanish sisters. Every time we see their car we mess with there mirrors and wind shield wipers. Then we cover their car in sticky notes that we have written things on. We have gotten them a lot, but they can't ever find our bikes so they can't get us back. It's really funny. Well that's my week.


Elder Pleshek

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