Monday, September 14, 2015

14 Sep 2015

This week was crazy busy. So I got into the area on Tuesday and I found out that we would be taking over the other half of the stake as well as our own half. So we are taking over the whole stake. So I now cover 8 wards. That's a lot of names to remember. There is so much work to do in this stake, we have 3 people on date already and we could legitimately have somewhere around 8 on date. It's so crazy. The stake president is really cool. I had a chance to meet him my first day. He is a great man and very missionary minded. 

I live in an actual apartment instead of someone's basement. I do live in a basement apartment though. I live right underneath the AP's. This week we got yelled at by a homeless man. It was funny. There are a lot more homeless people in West Valley than in Taylorsville or Midvale. My area is big. It's not as big as the YSA, but it's a good size. I wish I still had my car because I remember how slow biking is. Well that was my week.
Elder Pleshek

My new mailing address is
3153w 3650s apt #2
West valley city, ut 84119

Hey mom,
Would u have a little room to take a few things home if I left them at a members house in Taylorsville?

Did Timmy get his call yet?

My companion is from Michigan, he used to live in the UP. He lives down by the Ohio border now. He goes home October 20th

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