Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Mar 2015

This week was good. It was a little slow, but it was good. Elder Stiner is good, we get along fine. I didn't get to go to Daniel's baptism. It made me kind of sad. My area is on a downhill spiral. If it doesn't pick up I think we will get white washed. We are in the smallest area in the mission. Our plan is to just tract our whole area. I'm going to work hard this transfer so I can be a senior companion next transfer. I really miss my old area because I had lots of area to cover and lots of people to work with. I talked to Elder Lyon today and my last area is starting to explode. They have 3 people on date right now. There are non members here but lots of them are under 18 so we need parental permission but we aren't getting it. It makes me frustrated. At least I'm still enjoying myself. I have met some really neat people here though. Well that's all for this week.  Could you also photocopy my mission call and send me the copy you made?

Elder Pleshek

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