Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sister Duke Letter

This letter was received on Jan. 20, 2015 from Sister Duke in Taylorsville.

Dear Sister Pleshek,

My name is Mary Duke and I live in the ward that your son is serving in right now.  As he was speaking in sacrament today, I was just so impressed with the growth I have seen in him since he came to work in our ward 4 months ago.  When he first came to our home for dinner, he made me think of myself when I was a new missionary.  Not quite sure of everything that was going on with the whole mission deal.  I cut the missionaries hair so I have seen him become less shy as he speaks with me each time I cut his hair.  But as I watch him give his talk today I thought how proud you would be of the progress he is making.  He was very humble yet very confident in the message he shared. My heart was full as I listened to him as he bore his testimony of his growth in the gospel.  He made us laugh as he spoke about being a cheddar head, and about Ammon in the Book of Mormon being his hero his whole life.  He said that earlier in his life Ammon was his hero because he chopped off arms, (that was the funny part).  But now Ammon is his hero becuase of the great example of missionary work that he was.  He spoke about how his courage in sharing the gospel has become stronger and he encouraged us to be more courageous.  Anyway it was a really nice sacrament meeting.

I have a daughter on a mission in Uruguay right now and as I was listening to your son I thought, "I bet his mom would like to know how he is doing from someone else's view."  Because I would like to hear form someone besides my daughter how she is doing on her mission.  Anyway, from one missionary mom to another, thanks for sharing your boy with us.  The gospel is beautiful as well as being true.  :) Have a great day!
Your sister in the gospel,

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