Saturday, January 17, 2015

Handwritten 17 Jan 2015

This SD card has all of the pictures while I was with Elder Mason.  My camera is a battery sucker.  I tried putting new batteries in it and it only worked for 15 minutes.  I sucks down my rechargables even faster.  I get about 5 minutes with them.
My bike is acting up.  I need a new seat post, 2 new rims and a new fork for my front tire.  I think that stuff will cost more than my bike is worth.  I think I can go a few moe months with the parts that I've got.
 Other than that, my life is pretty good.  My area is starting to pick up and I feel my teaching skills are getting a lot better.  I am talking to a lot more people on the street.  I can do it without my companion's help.
I'm loving it out here.  Your son, Elder Pleshek

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