Monday, April 18, 2016

18 Apr 2016

 This week was pretty good. On Monday we played soccer. It was really fun!  It was really funny, because Elder Paul leveled one of our APs.  My team won. Then we went to someone's house that we teach and had Domino's Pizza for dinner.

On Tuesday my duties as a district  leader began. I sent a text out welcoming everyone to the district. They consolidated our zone, so the district boundaries got realigned. Then I had to call all of the senior couples.

Wednesday was kind of a slow day. For most of the day we went and tried to contact people, but not a whole lot of people answered their doors. That night we got to teach Brother Neff. When we went over there I practiced the training that I was going to give for district meeting on him. But brother Neff likes to discuss things really thoroughly because he wants to understand everything. The member that we took with us for that lesson was brother Buttars. Brother Buttars was a mission president about five years ago. When he found out I was getting called to be a district leader he was really excited. He goes out with us a few times a week. He always talks about his stories with President Monson, because he was an AP under President Monson when he was a mission president.

On Thursday we had a meeting with the Zone leaders. They wanted to talk to me and the other district leader in the zone. We talked about our responsibilities and things we want to do for p-day. Then we had weekly planning. It was the same old stuff. That night we taught the McFarlane family. It's always fun to teach them. I have to keep their kids from climbing on me because they love me.

On Friday was my first district meeting. We started off with announcements and that sort of stuff. I had sister Thetford share something that she learned in her studies this week. Then we played a get to know you game. We played 2 truths and one lie. They thought both of my truths were lies. I said I'm the middle of 5 children, my favorite Disney princesses is Tiana, and I love the band, One Direction. The sisters laughed at me. Then the Spanish sisters gave a training on learning by the Holy Spirit. They did a object lesson where they had me read as much of a chapter in Isaiah as I could in 45 seconds. Then they started taunting me and throwing stuff at me. Then I did a follow up training on Applying what you learn. There was 20 people at my district meeting. 4 sets of young missionaries, 5 senior couples, and the Zone leaders.

On Saturday I got to go through the temple with Li! That took up most of the day. It was amazing, I'm so proud of Li and the decisions he has made. If this was the only thing that happened on my mission it would be worth it.

On Sunday we gave talks on how experiences and miracles bring conversation. It was kind of a weird subject but everyone told us we did a good job. Then after church we took Bruno to temple square for his lesson. He had lots of questions and they are all good. We taught most of the plan of salvation. The Spirit was really strong. Then as we were leaving I got a text from the sisters saying that they were sick and needed blessings. The English and Spanish sisters live together and one of each was sick so the other 2 went out to work. So we met them upstairs in their landlord's house and gave them blessings. Then I had to rush home and do call ins. So that was my week.

I got Sammi's letter.
With Bruno on Temple Square

With Li at the temple.

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