Monday, April 4, 2016

4 Apr 2016

This week was pretty good. On Monday we went to the aquarium. It was good, but I don't think it was worth the money. My favorite part was probably the autres, but I couldn't get a picture of them because they moved around too much.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Brian. We taught him the 10 Commandments and the law tithing. We also helped this Spanish guy move. It was a service project for the whole zone. It was really fun and they had this weird bulldog that was crazy. It had this rubber tire it would chew on so we would steal it and then run into the garage where he couldn't get it. But then we always threw it back and it would run after it like a kid on the Fourth of July getting candy.

On Wednesday our day was filled with finding. While we were out we got a call from one of our relief society presidents. She and her counselors had been making visits and some of the people  needed blessings so she called us. So our afternoon was filled up because we were giving people blessings. I had to give a blessing to this lady that might be going blind. Then in the evening we talked with brother Neff. Then we went to the Mcfarland's house. We shared a short message and then a nerf war broke out. It was me and their son against Elder Paul and brother MacFarlane.

On Thursday we went and visited people in the morning and then we did weekly planning. For dinner in Marshall easement took us to Golden Corral. It's the first time of ever gone there, I liked it. While we are there I saw some people from my last area; it was cool. Then after that we went and helped out with the youth choir.

On Friday we had district meeting. We had a training on companionship unity. Then we had to answer various questions about each other. We Did pretty good. Then we all went to Taco Bell for lunch. After that we went and blessed a less active lady's house. Never done that one before, it was cool. The rest of the afternoon was just spent finding people. Then after dinner in the evening we helped a family moving in. It took about two hours to move them in, they had lots of heavy stuff.

On Saturday we watched the first session of conference with brother Neff and his wife. They made us breakfast before it started and it was really good. While we watched conference I played with their cat. Then for the afternoon session we went downtown. We got to sit on the first row of the terrace. Right behind us there was these two girls from Sweden and their sisters. They were cute. We went out a few times to use the bathroom because we got there an hour early. The last time we went to use the bathroom we were coming back in and they almost didn't let us back in. They didn't want to let us in because they put us in the wrong seats when we first got there. Our tickets said balcony but the people on the terrace level told us to go in. They were kind of rude when we told them that they had let us in here and they told us that this is where we should go, and they had already seen our tickets three times and made the mistake three times. Finally the guy just let us in and said "if you get kicked out don't blame me." Priesthood session was really good, I really liked the talks. President Monson's was very good as well. 

I met a guy with the last name Aldous at priesthood session. He said he had a sister in his mission with the last name Pleshek. Turns out he was in Sammi's mission.

On Sunday we watched the morning session of General conference with our stake president. He fed us snacks. Then we went and watched the afternoon session at the church building, I really liked Elder Holland's talk. Then after that we ate dinner with brother Butters and his family. Brother Butters used to be a mission president in Arizona Tempe mission. He is really funny guy. 

After that we went to a mission call opening. It was for my buddy Li. I taught him all of the after baptism lessons when I was in the YSA Ward. We got pretty tight right before I left that area. He is from China and he was baptized here last June. He is going on his mission to Australia! He enters the Provo MTC on August 24th. He has to go back to China before then but he got permission from the first presidency to go to the temple before he leaves to China. He is going to go in a few weeks and he has only been a member for about 10 months. So that was the highlight of my week.

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