Monday, April 25, 2016

25 Apr 2016

This week was good. On Monday we had a Zone activity, we played a little bit of basketball. We also played a game called "tiger" and we also had a tug of war. Then we ended by playing soccer. When we played tug of war we had a loop at the end for our anchor and then we had another kid wrap the rope around him so we had two anchors. I knew that the Elder would get squeezed so I went on the back as well so I could hold the rope so it didn't cut the Elder in half. Well the Elder got squeezed and my fingers got caught in the rope and I got rope burn on my fingers and they started bleeding. It was fun though. Then at night we went and visited some old dude who just got out of the hospital.

On Tuesday we visited our friend Bill Tate. I always love visiting Bill, he is so funny and willing to do what we ask. We also went and visited Brother Buttars to see what we missed in our missionary meeting on Sunday.  So both sets of sisters in my district live together and they are about a 3 minute walk from our house. So one English Sister got sick and one Spanish Sister got sick. So me, trying to be a good district leader, asked what I could do for them. They sent us out to get Tylenol and orange juice.

On Wednesday I asked the sisters how they were feeling and if there was anything we could do for them. This time they asked for chicken noodle soup and crackers. So we got them their soup and crackers and some rolls as well as random things we found in our apartment. Then we had a meeting with the Zone Leaders, Sister APs, and a set of STLs, as well as the other District Leader in the Zone. It was about an hour and 15 minutes long. We were planning Zone meeting on Friday. Later on we went and visited the McFarlanes. That was fun and they gave us ice cream cake.

On Thursday I didn't ask the Sisters how they were doing because I didn't want to go get them anything. We had weekly planning as usual and I used part of it to prepare my training. After weekly planning we had a lesson with Brian. We talked about the 10 commandments. Then after dinner we went to the choir practice. Then we went and tried to visit people the rest of the night.

On Friday we had zone meeting. It was really good and the trainings were awesome. I had to give my half hour training to two groups of missionaries. At the end the zone leaders went through chapter 9 of preach my gospel and related it to finding people to date. Then we all went to lunch at McDonald's. Then for dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant with Li. He leaves for China tomorrow. It is sad to see him go.

On Saturday we spent the whole afternoon at the ward party. It was put on by the ward mission. We hat lots of less active members come and even a few non members came. It was pretty successful. The Spanish sisters showed up too. They stole my iPad when I went to talk to someone and took a bunch of pictures on it. Then we visited some less active families for the rest of the night.

On Sunday we had church, it was pretty ordinary. The sisters gave us cookies because we took care of them or something. So we shared the cookies with the elders quorum. The average attendance of the elders quorum in that ward is like 7. So we still had left over cookies.

After church we went and gave one of the Spanish sisters a blessing because she was going through a rough time. Then we ate dinner and took Bruno to temple square. We had a good lesson he has lots of good questions. And he has questions about everything. Then I did call ins and the Spanish sisters rapped their numbers to me over the phone. It was pretty funny.

I love my district they are all crazy, but there my crazies. Until next week.

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