Monday, October 26, 2015

26 Oct 2015

This week was good. Elder Wells and I are getting along good. He is a little odd, but he is a good kid. In terms of missionary work he reminds me a lot of myself. I feel like I will have a chance to grow a lot this transfer because I will be doing most of the talking. Elder Wells talks less than I do. I've never had a companion that talks less than me. So. I am going to get out of my shell even more this

The last two weeks it has really hit me that I don't have a whole lot of time left. 8 months isn't really that long and I still have so much to learn and do. I think I am having a mid mission crisis.

Rosalyn got baptized this week. It was so awesome. She was so excited! I saw her an hour and a half before her baptism she had a big smile and she was all giddy. She is going to be an awesome member and an asset to her ward. Now that she is baptized we are back to the finding.

Last night we had our musical fireside. It was awesome.

Elder Pleshek

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