Wednesday, June 17, 2015

9 Jun 2015

This was another great week from the mission field. This week we dropped two of our investigators because they weren't keeping commitments. However we did pick up a new investigator named Salma. She was on date for June 27th but she missed church so we will have to extend a new date tomorrow.

Amy passed her interview and she will be baptized on Saturday! I'm so excited for Saturday, baptisms are my favorite part of being a missionary. This is the first step they must
take to return to there Father in Heaven. We also took Amy on a temple square tour. That was really cool, I need to start taking all of my investigators to temple square. I had sister Leas as my tour guide
again and she remembered me, she must think I'm cute or something. JK.

This week while we were riding down 5400w I had someone spit at me. Lucky it missed, except I did get a little drop on my shoe. I thought that was funny. The insults don't get to me any more. In fact I kind of like when they happen because I always get a good laugh out of it.

On a happier note I am getting in good with the west AP's. We share the same building with them on Sunday. When ever they see me they come and shake my hand and give me a hug and say I love you Elder. They say "I love you" a lot in that mission. Elder McCarty says they do that because they are scared of us, because we are the best mission in the valley.  That is why they are dissolving our mission into 3 other ones because they want us to train other missionaries on how to do the work
like we do, or that's what president Moffat makes it seem like.

I loved the shirt it was awesome. There is an eye place at Walmart.
We'll anyways that's all for this week
Elder Pleshek
P.S. Lava Lava's

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