Monday, June 29, 2015

29 Jun 2015

Hello world!

This was a good week. A little slow, but a good week. We taught a few lessons to Marisol this week, but sadly she didn't come to church so she is off date. Yesterday during sacrament meeting I looked through the congregation only to see every 3 out of 5 people on their phones. That made me sad. But there was this one guy sitting in front of me who was on his phone the whole time. He was even playing on it during the sacrament. That made me mad. I seriously considered winding up, smacking him in the bake of the head, and taking his phone and throwing it across the chapel. But I thought that would have been disruptive so I didn't. I think that was a similar experience to when Jesus chased people out of the temple.

So last night we had a Goodbye Fireside. President and Sister Moffat and the rest of the mission presidency gave their departing testimonies. It was a cool experience. I will miss president Moffat a little. He has taught me a lot. The sad part was saying goodbye to all of my friends that are going to the East mission. The two people I will miss the most are Elder Trey Forrester and Sister Rachel Escolopio. Elder Forrester is the best friend I've made on my mission.
And Sister Escolopio is really cool/funny. So my P-days will now be on Mondays.
Love Elder Pleshek

Mom write me back when you finish reading this thx :)

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