Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 May 2015

This last week was crazy. We talked to so many people this week that didn't believe that baptism is essential for salvation. It's crazy sometimes and makes me really frustrated. They try to preach to me and while doing so they always contradict themselves. We also had an all mission meeting this week where we got the AreaBook app. So now all of our information about our investigators goes to our iPads. 

We also got the cops called on us that same day because the night before we locked up our bikes and left them there for the night. So in the morning the lady couldn't mow her lawn because our bikes were tied to a light pole so she called the cops.  We didn't get in trouble though. We went and moved our bikes and tried to go apologize but she wasn't home. So we left her a note and tried to apologize a different day.

Yesterday we saw a snake that got flattened by a car and dried out.  It's kind of like really long potato chip. And today I got my new bike and it's pretty sweet. It's the nicest bike I have ever owned and it rides really fast. I also got a really good lock so no one steals it. Well that's all I have this week I will see you on Mother's Day.

Elder Pleshek

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