Saturday, July 25, 2015

20 Jul 2015

This week was good. Marisol finally came to church, and she loved it.
It was so amazing, we walked in the door with her and the ward members swarmed to her. She got a huge welcome to church. Sadly Atiba didn't come this week. Our teaching pool is starting to get bigger again. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this or not, I am killing off Elder McCarty at the end of this week. So I will have a new companion next week. this will be only my second area that I have stayed in for more than one transfer. Transfers are on the 28th and I hit my year mark on the 23rd. So yesterday we met this guy from India, he is staying with a member that we know and we were told he was interested. So we went and talked to him last night and he told us all about how he found Jesus. So we taught him the restoration and extended a baptismal date for August 15th. He told us that he is going to extend his stay so that he can be baptized. The only sad thing about this story is that he is not a young single adult, so we have to give him to the sisters.

On Wednesday afternoon we got a call from President Palmer. Elder McCarty answered the phone and he asked to talk to me. As soon as I heard President ask for me I knew what had happened. President Palmer is a great man. I can tell that he loves me and I can tell that he has the gift of prophecy because I heard everything I needed to hear in that phone call.

We were at an apartment complex the other day and we started playing soccer with a bunch of Hispanic kids. And then two more elders showed up so we played everyone vs the Elders. We lost 5-4. I was the goalie.
Those kids were really good. Well that's my week


Elder Pleshek

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