Monday, August 8, 2016

8 Aug 2016

This week was good. On Monday we played basketball and soccer. After Pday we ate dinner with the Seastrands. We had burgers and ice cream.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Keven. We shared a some scriptures and prayed with him. Then we went to visit Richard Thompson. He had lots of questions, so we answered them for him. He was really confused about the time line of the Book of Mormon so we helped with that too.
We also taught Diana and she almost died on us. She almost had an Epileptic seizure. So we stopped the lesson and got her a taxi to the store to pic up her medicine.
 On Wednesday  we had exchanges. Elder Thacker came to my area with me. We had lots of fun. We walked around the trailer park for a while and talked to some people. We also ran into the Sisters so we talked to them as well. Then we had a lesson with Jefferson. We taught him the Law of Chastity. He said he would live it. Then that night we went to Brother Neff's house and we got on the subject of the second coming. And then we went to the McFarlanes.

On Thursday we had a lesson with Lyna. We finished teaching her all of the commandments. We have one more lesson to teach her before she gets interviewed. We also had weekly planning. Other than that it was a short day.

On Friday we had Zone Meeting. We had some really good training about companionship unity, using scriptures and overcoming challenges. Then we had training on how to teach simply and a training about keeping Christ at the center of our lives. Then we went and got shakes and hung out with our district leader for our lunch hour. The rest of the day we worked super hard and knocked on every referrals door in the 7th ward.
On Saturday we cleaned the apartment and then had lunch with Erin. It was a good time, but it was super weird. It was like meeting someone in real life that you saw in a dream. That's what home feels like, kinda like a dream. Anyway then we had a lesson with Tommy Bean. We shared some stories out of the Book of Mormon with him. Then we had a lesson with Lyna. There was some commandments that we missed so we taught those. Then we had a lesson with this lady and it was super frustrating. She would question everything thing we said. We would tell her how she can know the truth and she would say, "but how do you know that's not the devil trying to deceive you?" So we would tell her. And she would say the same thing again. So we have another lesson with her on Saturday and we have some answers for her.

On Sunday I bore my testimony twice. It was a pretty regular Sunday. We also had a lesson with Diana. She is doing better. Well that was my week.

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