Monday, August 1, 2016

1 Aug 2016

This week was great! On Monday we had an all day pday, because everyone was celebrating Pioneer Day and we aren't supposed to be in large crowds we got the day off. We went shopping with our district leader. And then we got back and filled up water balloons for an hour to take to our activity. Our activity was Zone Olympics. It was district on district. The first event was throwing water balloons at the Zone Leaders. Everyone took a turn throwing a water balloon. If you hit them your district got a point. Then we had a water balloon toss and the last event was a soccer tournament. We ended up getting 2nd place. Then we had a huge water fight. Once we ran out of balloons we just filled up the buckets and dumped them on each other. Then we hung out in the church building until 8pm.
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Jefferson. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was a good lesson and it was also very interesting. He has I think 4 younger brothers and sisters. They were being loud so our member saw some cupcakes on the stove and called all of the kids over to eat the cupcakes. So that helped. The funny part is that the member that went with us didn't even live there and had no idea what the cupcakes were for. I love serving in the Marshallese branch! It has been one of my favorite places to serve. They are all so hilarious!  Then we had a lesson with Richard Thompson. It was actually really good. He read the Book of Mormon between our visits.
He had lots of good questions for us. The Lord has really been humbling him. He even asked about church! After dinner we had a lesson with Bill Tate. During our lesson his son showed up. That was good, because he talks about his son a lot and it's good to put a face to a name. So that was Tuesday.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. The whole day was open so we did some finding. Then after dinner we went to my last area to visit the Thaxton's. I found a suit in the apartment that doesn't fit anyone so I burned it at the Thaxton's. It was a good excuse to see them. We had ice cream afterwards and they want to take me out to dinner before I leave.

On Thursday we went to Bountiful for the whole afternoon. We took the mission van this time which is what we will probably be taking from now on unless someone borrows it when we need it. If that happens we get to take the truck, so we hope people use the van more. The mission van is one of those big 9 passenger ones. So the lesson went good. We taught the restoration and put the dad on date for August 27th. Then that night we went and helped Sister Neilson with her back yard. We dug up cinder blocks and made a wall out of them against the fence. We sprayed a lot of bugs with Raid.

On Friday we had district meeting and it was really long. It was long because during accountability the two senior couples took 20 minutes each. They talked about everyone they are teaching and they had to tell a story about every person they are teaching. And the story's weren't even related to what their concern is. We were only supposed to talk about one person and what their concern is. Then we went to In-n-out for lunch. Then we went and set up a lesson with Keven for this next week. Then that night we visited the McFarlanes. That was a good visit.
On Saturday we had a lesson with Tommy Bean. We read out of his children's Book of Mormon with him. We read about Nephi and Lehi in jail. Then we went to Lyna's house to teach her. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the word of wisdom. She is really shy, but she is opening up to us. We also taught Jefferson, we taught him the word of wisdom and Law of Tithing. He agreed to live both of those. Nothing happened that night.

On Sunday we had a pretty average day. We dipped out of church early to go and see our recent convert Diana. Her son kicked her out and she is living in a small RV thing from the 70s. She was having a tough time, but then when we showed up she was happy as could be and was thanking God for her trials. I wish I could be more like her. She didn't come to church because she was feeling down, but she told us that she would never miss church again and nothing is going to keep her down. So it was awesome to see her. She always makes my day better. Then in the evening we went to a musical fireside in Taylorsville. It was really good. There was a gospel choir made up of Polynesians called "Devine Heritage" they are really good. You need to YouTube them. So that was my week.

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