Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4 July 2016

 This week was great! On Monday we went and hiked Bell Canyon. It was super fun and really hot. There was a stream that was close to the path in some parts so we had a few water fights. When we got to the top there was a waterfall. So we went up the trail that took us up to the top of the waterfall. The creek runs through the woods and then goes to the rockface and then falls. So at the edge of the woods there was a big rock where the water comes out. So the Spanish Sister climbed on to it. The rock was covered in green algae and Sister Martinez slipped and her companion caught her. So one of the Elders went and grabbed her iPad out of her hand and then dragged her off the rock. So we almost lost a sister in the falls. When we were on the was back home Sister Martinez realized she left her iPad on top of the mountain. So the Zone Leaders went back to get it. It took them 2 1/2 hours to climb up and get it and come back down.

On Tuesday I went with Elder Hunt in his area on exchanges. We woke up in the morning and he was sick. So we didn't get out until 2. It was a slow day. We didn't have any lessons, but we did service for one of his Bishops who just had his wife pass away. They had like 10 kids and the youngest is a year old. So it felt good to help.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with two young recent converts after lunch. Then we had a pass off lesson with the Spanish Sisters. We taught a recent convert who wants to attend the English Ward. So that was fun. Then that night we taught Brother Neff. We had a lesson on service, it was really good! He is so excited to do his calling. Then after that we went and visited the McFarlanes. That was really fun.

On Thursday we went and visited Diana before we had weekly planning. She wants to be a missionary so bad. She is telling all of her friends about the Gospel. Then we had weekly planning. That went as well as can be expected. Then we had a lesson with Keven. We taught him about prayer and scripture study.  Then we had dinner and went finding the rest of the night.

Friday was awesome! We had a really good district meeting this week. We were doing accountability and then we went way off of what I planned. We started talking about what the Lord expects of us. So we decided to go back to the basics and make goals that are simple, but powerful. Then I gave a training on enduring to the end. Elder Andersen who is one of my ZLs said it was the best district meeting he has ever been to. So I thought that was cool. After lunch we did a Zone Blitz. Everyone in the zone went into two areas and got a list of people to visit. We didn't find any success on our list, but other people did. 

Then that night we met with our Marshallese investigator Rose. The lesson was super powerful and the spirit was really strong. It was probably one of the best lessons on my mission. She wasn't hesitant to accept any of our commitments. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about the Holy Ghost and read Galatians 5:22 and explained what the Spirit feels like. Then I asked her if she was feeling those things right now and she said she did. So I asked her if she would like to feel like that all the time and she said yes. At the end we invited her to be baptized. And she said no. I was legitimately shocked! She told us she was feeling the Spirit and it seemed like it was going to be the perfect lesson and she just shot us down. I was so sad on the way home.

On Saturday we had another Zone blitz. We found one person that said we could come back. So that was cool we helped some other missionaries find some work. The rest of the day was finding. Then we got transfer calls at about 9:55pm. Elder Case is going to Grantsville and I am staying and will be senior companion to Elder Coleman. I am so excited! Elder Coleman is one of my best friends. So I was really happy about that. Our Zone got dissolved so I'm back in the Granger Zone. I also got released as a District Leader, I'm sad about that. I really loved that calling. It gave me a chance to serve more  people and it helped me grow to love my district members more. But this last 6 weeks will be a blast and I am going to work my absolute hardest.

Sunday was pretty regular. We bore our testimonies in the first meeting we went to. The second sacrament meeting we went to was long. Three people bore there testimonies and left 10 minutes. A lot of it wasn't even testimony. That kind of upset me. But yeah that was our week.

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