Monday, July 18, 2016

18 Jul 2016

This week was great! On Monday we went shopping and then we went to get Elder Coleman a haircut. We went to the Hispanic ladies house again. And the daughter that got offered to me was there. It was kind of awkward. Then we went to our Zone activity. It was supposed to start at 1:45, but everyone was 20 minutes late so we sat outside waiting for everyone to show up. Only half the zone showed up. We played basketball and we also played a game called tiger. Then on our way home from the activity we stopped at 7 eleven with the zone leaders so we could get a free Slurpee. Then we dropped off my stuff off at the Thaxton's. After that we went to visit the McFarlane's.

On Tuesday we got a referral from the Salt lake mission for a Marshallese family in bountiful. So we might be able to borrow the mission van to go up there. We were talking to President Palmer and he said we might get a car in the coming weeks. So I'm excited for that. We had a lesson with Tommy Bean. It was just a short lesson. We have taught him everything so we are teaching home everything that will be on the interview. Then we had a lesson with the Kinere family. They are Marshallese. They are a part member family, the dad and their 10 year old son are non-members. The dad isn't quite ready yet, but the son Jefferson is. We taught him the restoration and put him on date for August 6th. Then that night we had a lesson with Bill Tate. He bought us Pizza so that was cool. We talked about repentance with him.

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was really good! I learned a lot about centering my life on Christ. At the end of the meeting President Palmer had all of the departing missionaries that were there come up and sit on the stand. So one by one in the order we sat we would get up and give our departing testimony. They started on the opposite end so I was the 3rd to last to give mine. My Zone leader Elder Clyde went right before me, him and I were the only department missionaries that cried when we bore our testimonies. After the meeting I had a lot of people come up and tell me that I made them cry. I'm glad I have so many friends. I'm going to miss them so much. It became a little more real for me after the meeting. We ended the night by visiting the McFarlanes.

On Thursday nothing really happened except for weekly planning.

On Friday there was no district meeting because we had Zone conference. We had a lesson with Keven. It was really short. We gave him a large print copy of the Book of Mormon and talked about why the scriptures are important. Then after dinner we biked to Taylorsville to contact some Marshallese potential investigators. We started at 6:30 and when we stopped biking it was 8:30. The only breaks we had were when we stopped to knock a door which was twice. Since we were in Taylorsville we stopped at the Seastrand's house. I know them from when I was in the Taylorsville South Stake and Elder Coleman met them because he took their son teaching when he was in the YSA. So we got a ride home from their son. It was much needed.

Saturday was also a slow day. The highlight is when the Sisters gave us ice cream. The whole day was just contacting. We were supposed to have two lessons, but they both cancelled. Before we headed in we left a box of junk on the Sisters doorstep and then we plastic wrapped the box so that it would take forever to open.

Sunday was very churchy. We got to bless the sacrament in one of the wards. There were some really good talks in church this week! We ate dinner with this Samoan family and I got so full. They sent us home with more food than we ate at dinner. Then we had a meeting with one of our Ward mission leaders. That was pretty much our night. That was my week.

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