Monday, December 14, 2015

14 Dec 2015

This week was good. On Monday we went to a movie theater and watched a movie called War Room. It's an awesome movie! I think it would be something you guys would like. It's about this family who is struggling to stay together and it gets saved by the power of prayer. It's really powerful.
On Tuesday we had choir practice for our fireside thing we had yesterday. Then that night we played volleyball with some Polynesians. It was kinda scary. They are really good and they spike really hard. I do pretty good though, I can stay with them. It was really fun though. There is this old guy who usually plays on my team he is really funny.
Wednesday we had a few lessons, but the day was still kinda slow. We ate dinner with these two guys who took us out to eat. They were really funny. They are older and they remind me of the odd couple.
On Thursday I got to play church ball. I was so tired afterwards. We played full court and I'm old and fat so I was winded.
Friday was district meeting, that was good. I got to meet the rest of our district. After district meeting we went as a district to a place called Wingerz we got all you can eat wings. It was good and I was full.
On Saturday we went to 3 ward Christmas parties. At one of them they split the tables in to twelve groups and each group had an action they had to do for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Our group had a bunch of old people in it so we were the only ones that did it. We were six geese of laying. We kinda flapped our arms a little and the dude in charge of it told us we needed to do it better so I stood on my chair and kinda squatted and made a face like I was pooping.

Everyone loved it. So yeah that was my week.
As far as I know I can FaceTime home from my iPad. I probably will call 11 am my time so noon back home.
Elder Pleshek

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