Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17 Feb 2015

Dear family and Friends,

This has been a weird week. On Wednesday I had a district meeting so we all got together for lunch. It took 45 minutes for us to get our food so we speed ate and dashed to the church to have our meeting. Elder Lyon and I were the first to get there.  We saw a white car and a man standing in front of the building. It was President Moffat. Out of all the district meetings that day he picked ours. 

On Sunday we took our investigator Daniel to the latest sacrament meeting we could find because he works until 3pm on Sundays. We took him to a young single adult ward. Wow! That was a bit distracting. It wasn't hard to pay attention to the first speaker because she was really cute. Anyways I hope they never make me cover a YSA ward. On Friday we are taking Daniel on a temple square tour, so that should be fun.  

Last night the strangest thing that has ever happened on my mission took place. We got a call at like 9:40 from an unknown number. I answered and some girl was on the other end and she sounded drunk. After a long awkward pause she said "I'll let you go now." So I said goodbye and hung up. One minute later we get a text from the same number that says, "I just read the Book of Mormon." So Elder Lyon texted back and asked, "How did you like it?" She said, "It changed my life." So then we called her back and found out that she is 20, was an athlete at Iowa State and she had just had a total knee replacement. She was on intense pain meds and that's why she sounded drunk. She told us that she met a Mormon at college and how she thought we were like Amish people, but then found out that we are normal. We then asked her if she would like to meet with us and take the lessons. She said yes, and then asked us one last question, "Is suicide a sin?" Elder Lyon quickly bore his testimony and told her how much Jesus and Heavenly Father love her and they know what she is going through. After she hung up we sent her a text that told her that we would be praying for her. She sent us a text back that told us that she appreciated us. Then we told her we would call her in the morning. She said "thanks." I was freaking out and praying really hard non stop. We got a call from her in the middle of the night but we didn't answer it.  She called us again this morning and told us she went back into the hospital because her pain got worse. We encouraged her again and told her that God loves her and hears her prayers. We still have no idea who she is and where she lives. It was so crazy. I hope we can meet with her soon. Well that's my week.

Elder Pleshek

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